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    Day 39, Monday June 8
    M1: leftover tenderloin steak, 2 perfectly cooked over-easy eggs, a generous handful of green beans topped with lots of ghee, strawberries to finish
    M2: a large romaine salad with chicken, walnuts, celery, 1/2 avocado, green grapes, Primal Kitchen dressing
    M3: apple Larabar while cooking my family's dinner, leftover primavera veggies for my dinner
    NSV: last night I was feeling 'hungry' after dinner but chose not to eat a snack, then woke up this morning not feeling hungry at all.  This is the second time this has happened on this W30 that I'm aware of.  I'm not sure what's going on. If I was hungry in the evening then logically I would have been even more hungry in the morning, but I didn't eat my pillow, so what was I really feeling after supper last night?  I'm counting this as a victory because I am becoming aware of stuff going on with my body.  Previous to W30 I would have chosen the snack.
    NSV: I had high energy all day
    NSV: Cravings were absent all day
    NSV: I didn't nap, even though my sleep was less than ideal thanks to my annoying cat waking me at 4:30 and being relentless until I kicked him out of my room at 6:30.  He didn't get to go outside to hunt for birds like he wanted to, so thats another victory: I very likely saved a bird's life this morning :-)
    NSV: my new raspberry patch (3rd one) is finished as of this evening. I hope we get a yield from it this year.  I am so looking forward to eating all of my home grown foods.  I am a bit disappointed that I haven't found a sugar-free rhubarb recipe that I like yet, but I have been freezing the rhubarb because I am eager to eat it when I add sugar back in. This is new for me, prior to this year I've never looked forward to eating rhubarb in my life!
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    I need to make sure I get calories today, especially from fat.  Raging carb cravings haven't hit yet, but I fully expect that given where I am in the program coupled with the lower intake yesterday.  Hopefully I can stay ahead of the cravings by getting in good fats.  I'm going to add avocado to my lunch, ghee on my broccoli at dinner.  
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    Yesterday ended up being completely different than expected.  I fixed my lunch and thought I would have time to eat before a meeting, but I only got in two bites of my hamburger/sauerkraut.  A whirlwind of meeting/phone call/appointment/errands resulted in no lunch.   I got home in time to fix dinner.  I wasn't terribly hungry and was able to move through the afternoon pretty easily.  I made a snack of celery and almond butter and then fell asleep pretty early.  
    I woke up in the middle of the night with a raging headache.  Still lingering and I have almost no energy today.  I don't feel like I want to sleep, I just feel like it will take too much effort to move.  I woke a little after 5 a.m.  I could have gotten up and taken the dog walking then, but I stayed in bed.  When I finally did get up, we went for a very short walk, just because today is day 7 of morning walks and I feel like a streak is in the making.  
    Day 4
    Energy-1, pain-0, Mood-6
    I have two great NSVs already - I'm definitely much less stiff when I stand.  I was able to get out of the bed this morning and immediately start walking, rather than stand for a few seconds and wait for everything to be able to work.  This is so clearly due to my diet, as I've proved over and over to myself.  This alone SHOULD be enough to keep me going.  My joints are so much happier without grains/dairy/sugar.  
    The second is that my face feels thinner.  It doesn't look thinner, but it definitely feels that way.  Three days down and these 2 amazing NSVs.  These are going to get me through today - I think it might be a tough one, given my fatigue and the number of work meetings I have to get through.  I'm just going to eat when I'm hungry and drink lots of water.  Maybe I can take a nap late this afternoon.  
    M1-chicken salad
    M2-Epic Turkey, Cranberry, Sage bone broth; leftover taco salad - note to self:  the next time I have meetings that might interfere with lunch, fix a mug of broth.  I can sip this while on Zoom.  
    M3-leftover BBQ chicken and broccoli
    Snacks-almonds, celery with almond butter, the bone broth
    I probably will do yin yoga.  I might fall asleep while doing it.  
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    Oooh... chicken salad. I kinda forgot that chicken salad existed. I have historically loved this stuff.... and it's not hard to make a W30 compliant chicken salad.
    I'm being reminded again of how very frequently I have used food as a transition point in my day...
    Wrapping up a work meeting with a client > How about a peanut butter cup? Coming in from a stroll outside and turning my attention to the next task > Time for a bit of chocolate milk! (HOLY MOSES, I LOVE CHOCOLATE MILK. The rich, full fat kind.) Midday, feeling kind of grumbly, not sure what to do for lunch > Don't want to stop for a real meal, so I'll aimlessly graze my way through every bag, carton, and box in the house. Learning not to reach for the salt and vinegar chips at random intervals through the day will take some time. From my lofty perch here on Day 9 (ha!), it's worth the discomfort. Hope this new day goes smoothly for you.
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    Day 15 june 7
    I woke up ate some chicken pot pie casserole 
    Then was up for a bit
    Feeling a lil run down 
    Ate the last of the chicken pot pie casserole 
    This turned into the morning of june 8th
    Day 16 june 8th
    Feeling super cravy for all the things
     Hot outside. Quiet inside. Perfect weather for delivery ppl
    Went to bed to out sleep thinking about my food. Was going to do some stuff on my computer but the wifi card died - wooot - cheese pizza would make that less annoying
    Wait I lied there was some casserole left - haha! So that was eaten as M? 1 maybe? Or twi guess it depends how its counted from my sleeping
    M? Cod crusted in almond flour and nutritional yeast with a baked potato and clarified butter
    Made some beef stew - my hubby loves it 
    I do not....ugh not my cup of tea at all
    So I've been wasting time and sleeping which tends to happen when my schedule switches on sundays till I go back to work wednesday night 
    Need to find some more recipes to try
    Day 16 done !
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    @ShadowInTheKitchen totally slept through it.
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    Blueautumn got a reaction from ShadowInTheKitchen in Autumns' R1 Whole30 Log   
    Day 15 june 7
    I woke up ate some chicken pot pie casserole 
    Then was up for a bit
    Feeling a lil run down 
    Ate the last of the chicken pot pie casserole 
    This turned into the morning of june 8th
    Day 16 june 8th
    Feeling super cravy for all the things
     Hot outside. Quiet inside. Perfect weather for delivery ppl
    Went to bed to out sleep thinking about my food. Was going to do some stuff on my computer but the wifi card died - wooot - cheese pizza would make that less annoying
    Wait I lied there was some casserole left - haha! So that was eaten as M? 1 maybe? Or twi guess it depends how its counted from my sleeping
    M? Cod crusted in almond flour and nutritional yeast with a baked potato and clarified butter
    Made some beef stew - my hubby loves it 
    I do not....ugh not my cup of tea at all
    So I've been wasting time and sleeping which tends to happen when my schedule switches on sundays till I go back to work wednesday night 
    Need to find some more recipes to try
    Day 16 done !
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    Blueautumn got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in Autumns' R1 Whole30 Log   
    @ShadowInTheKitchen totally slept through it.
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    Blueautumn got a reaction from ShadowInTheKitchen in Autumns' R1 Whole30 Log   
    @ShadowInTheKitchen totally slept through it.
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    Blueautumn reacted to ShadowInTheKitchen in Autumns' R1 Whole30 Log   
    Yep.  A junky food kinda day, but you didn't I hope?  How about finding a new way to spend a nice day?  Maybe a walk, or sun worshipping with ice-water flavoured with lemon and/or orange slices, or cucumber slices?  Take a speaker and make a new playlist while you're out there.  Maybe invite a neighbour over to share the icey drinks with you too.  Or how about a homemade mani/pedi?   I'm still having trouble finding ways to distract myself from my usual junk eating habits, but please know that its doable and oh-so-worth it when you look back on your day and realize that you did it!  
    Power through....  you've got this.
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    Blueautumn reacted to MadyVanilla in Take Advantage   
    Thank you, I need the encouragement!  And @Blueautumn I stalked your journal, found the recipe and bookmarked it.  I don't have all the ingredients, but I will be eating that chicken pot pie in the near future.  
    Chicken breasts are in the instantpot and bbq sauce is simmering on the stove.  I am in such a foul mood.  It's gorgeous outside today.  I should go sit out there.  But I'm irritable and hungry.  I know it will pass, but some salt and vinegar chips would make me feel better right now!  Ugh.  I'm going to eat some chicken salad once it's done.  I'm glad I can come here and post.  I shall carry-on, and report back with a successful day 2 tomorrow.  
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    Blueautumn got a reaction from patrickjohn in Patrick's Whole30 Log   
    You are doin so fantastic. Pizza sounds delicious though I gotta say lol. I have yet to find a dressing I like with my salad and I really need to start making my own. I have always eaten creamy dressings and I miss them. I noticed I got super extra hungry super fast between day 4-7 I think but it normalized quite a bit after that. Keep it going. Sending happy thoughts your way
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    Day 1 done - yay!  I really can't believe I did it.  There were some challenges, though.  I had a nice big breakfast - I almost only fixed 2 eggs instead of 3, but I had a calorie thought "those 80 extra calories are not going to hurt me."  Yes, I still have flashbacks to days of counting calories.  At least I don't think in WW points.  I was ravenous by lunch time!  I'm thinking that my typical cream-fulled coffee provided both extra fat and the appetite-suppressant effect of caffeine.  I don't recall this happening before, but I don't think I've started a W30 and ditched coffee on the same day.  Because I continued to be hungry (or maybe craving sugar???) I ended up eating celery and almond butter as a snack.  Then I ate dinner late, but my taco salad was amazing!!
    On-line grocery shopping was interesting.  All of the usual temptations that I would put in my "basket" kept popping up on my screen.  Because I usually buy them.  I'm just glad that I know what tomato sauces, broths, etc. are compliant.  Plus, I was able to check ingredient labels in the shopping app, which I didn't realize.  And, I learned that some kombucha has cane sugar added to it.   A disappointment-My Misfits Market box of vegetables did not get delivered.  I planned my meals and my grocery shopping around that box.  I know they've been having some issues because of covid-19, but I got an email that it shipped...I may have to make a run to the farmer's market later this week.  
    Not surprisingly, I had a headache last night.  But I did sleep well.  I woke up this morning around 5 am, pain-free, but went back to sleep until the dog pounced on me at 6:00 wanting to go for her morning walk.  We've only been doing this first-thing walk daily since Wednesday - how is it that dogs can form habits so much more quickly than humans???  It was a gorgeous morning, though, and we walked a little longer than we have been.  I guess I should consider her part of my support system if she's going to get me out of bed to walk every day. 
    Mood-7, pain 0, 3 while walking, Energy-6
    Plan for Day 2:
    M1-kombucha.  This was my planned meal a few days ago when I didn't think I would be so hungry in the morning.  I'm not hungry, sipping on it now.  If needed, I'll eat lunch earlier today.  
    M2-leftover taco salad
    M3-hamburgers with grilled onions and broccoli  
    celery and almond butter, if a snack is needed.  
    More meal-prepping planned for today.  I'm going to make a breakfast casserole that I can eat from all week, chicken salad (I made mayo yesterday), and my first attempt at W30 barbecue sauce, for shredded chicken later in the week.  
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    This is probably the thing that has stuck best through all my W30s and relapses - I used to eat all day long but now if I actually eat meals, I don't want to snack.  I suspect you'll soon get to the point where that desire to eat all the time is less and less frequent and maybe will only crop up during times of stress or boredom.  
    This is AWESOME!!!
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    HAHAHAHAHAH that sounds like a normal day for me last month!
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    Blueautumn got a reaction from Tevenie in Autumns' R1 Whole30 Log   
    Or you know for fun drugs that make me not care the apocalypse is happening lol.
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    How good is finally sleeping well?! I just... go to sleep! It's amazing. 
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    Day 13 June 5 and might as well put Day 14 June 6 even though that day is technically not over till i get home from this night shift lol But i already have my meals ready so odds are they will get eaten
    Day 13 -
    My double shift is every friday and i go right back into work at 3pm after getting off at 730am to work a 17 hr shift this makes food a lil weird
    M1/snack when i woke up - some tuna salad with red onion pickle and cucumber
    M1 at work - chicken pot pie casserole (its gonna keep coming what can i say - this was actually the last of it)
    i had 2 snapkitchen meals delivered Friday morning specifically for me to have something at work during the double - there was also a chance id be working a double on saturday due to some illnesses and i didnt wanna risk not having something
    M2 - one of the snapkitchen meals - it was the chicken enchilida(ordered it on accident) but all the ingredients were compliant, it used paleo tortillas so i figured screw it.  I ate half the enchiladas then opened them up and only ate the insides because the 'tortilla' just didnt feel like it needed to be there at all
    Big not here - it wasnt very good, i can safely say that paleo tortillas are not a swypo food for me ROFL not that i thought it would be but figured it was good to know for sure.
    M3 - tuna lettuce wrap with cucumber  and red onion, and a baked potato with lots of clarified butter
    M4 - i ate again about 8 hours after M3 - I MADE A NEW CASSEROLE so i ate that
    my second pot pie casserole came out better than the first! it was very gravy ish and its so awesome nom nom nom. I did up the veggie amounts in it as well since i eat it so often
    On my double days because i run on about 4 hours of sleep i know i get snacky and hungry in unnatural amounts. When i get tired for some reason the answer seems to be to eat so i had an array of foods with me so i wouldnt get tempted by something that smelled yummy from someone else.
    Day 14
    M1 - that chicken pot pie casserole (yall should just make it at this point lol) i upped the broccoli and peas and carrots and used a split of russet potatoes and red potatoes
    M2 - i have tuna lettuce wrap with cucumber
    M3- will either be more casserole ( probably) or the other snap kitchen meal i got which was shrimp and cauliflower grits ( i hope its delicious)
    I feel rundown today more than I have been. I am sore which is probably from the busy shifts at work but I haven't been getting hungry. The casserole is very filling so thats good. I can make it about 6-7 hours before the pangs start and I haven't felt the need to snack at all in regards to hunger. More than likely i start to feel bored and just want to eat somethin to eat something.
    I have noticed that I will try to eat whatever portion is in front of me even if its too much because, well, i dont know why. In most cases I wouldnt be wasting the food, it would just be put in the fridge and heated back up later. But something about it not getting eaten in one sitting makes me uncomfortable like it MIGHT be wasted? not sure. When I would bring home leftovers in the past it was normally because I couldn't physically eat anymore without feeling sick. I also used to be very forthcoming with seconds and thirds. Soooooooo i am working on portion sizes, which actually dont seem to be that big of an issue. The bigger issue is getting more servings when in most cases ive realized the first serving was plenty. Starting this week im gonna actively work on making sure i wait at least 10 to 15 mins after eating to see how i feel before going back for more food. Apparently I binge on a meal to meal basis - eat 5 slices of pizza and think i can fit one more - GO FOR IT. then i do it and feel bad - shocker.
    The amount of food i actually need to function and feel full is significantly less than what i had been previously eating especially since it has so much more nutrients that i actually need. this has led to a startling change in my eating habits. I feel completely fine only eating three meals a day with no snacks. But the desire to eat more often is there almost all the time and I have to consciously stop myself and remember that I only need to eat when im hungry (or its been around 5-6 hrs ish).
    Everyone at work has been supportive and ask how im doing on a regular basis so thats nice. They will also cover for me for a quick 10 mins if I start to feel like i need to eat somethin because I lost track and went too long without doing it. My rooommate moved out yesterday so that is one less person who might be bringing temptation into the house.
    Honestly i cant say i feel excited right now because i dont. You know when you finally wash the dishes because you simply ran out of dishes and that mountain in the sink is giving you the stink eye? - thats basically how i feel right now. I would still like to eat all the foods i ate and how often i ate them but i know that i didnt' feel good doing it. I finally reached the end of that with how the bad foods simply werent worth how bad i was feeling so i switched to something to make me feel better. But i still miss the bad foods - if they didnt make me feel bad i would probably never stop rofl. So its like this is a necessity even if the food im eating tastes good.
    I enjoyed eating badly, i enjoyed snacking all the time, i enjoyed eating five slices of gooey pizza, i enjoy goin out to eat all the time, (AND THIS WAS EVERY DAY)  but as time goes on i realize i really dont enjoy the fact that food is obviously the center of my life. No matter how you dice it. And thats not good. I need to find some hobbies, get out of the house, learn something new, anything can replace the brain power, time, and energy ive devoted to food for as long as i can remember. Will i probably eat five slices of pizza at some point in the future - honestly DAMN STRAIGHT, but do i want it to be happening on such a regular basis that it might as well be a recommended serving size - i mean, no i dont. d
    NSV - its official, something in my diet was a problem with sleeping. Ive had insomnia for years and its so awful to lay down and spend the first 2 hours staring at the ceiling. Ive been falling asleep in under 15 mins every night this week AND THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY. My sleep has a whole is still kinda sketchy but i am so happy i no longer spend so much time trying to fall asleep even when im exhausted.
    NSV - fastin blood sugar officially in prediabetic range instead of oh snap you have diabetes range. This gives me even more promise that i can get my numbers back to normal and reverse the process. My doctor will be thrilled. Granted still have a long way to go to show control and maintenance to myself and my doctor but these are great first steps. Its fantastic.
    Still havent added in exercise but im getting mentally prepared to do it regularly - dont want to one and done anymore. Id like to find an easy beginners yoga or something that lets me stretch because tightness and soreness and those pesky back strains or pulls i know are def affected by my lack of movement. So i think thats a great place to start.
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    Oh but you recognize this, and that's super important! 
    You're going through what we've all gone through. It's totally normal.  If you have to have a smoothie to remain compliant, then have one. Soon you will find something to replace the creaminess with, sorry I don't have a suggestion except maybe mashed sweet potatoes with ghee, or a creamy soup if you like coconut milk?  It will get easier.  Please try to stick with the program, it's just so worth it.  
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    Well, I didn't go walk a trail yesterday afternoon due to a combination of the man-child needing my vehicle and the husband getting home at exactly the time storms started to roll through.  But Atomic Habits is waiting on my phone.  I will definitely update as I listen to it.  
    Today is my official Day 1!  
    I ordered from Thrive Market yesterday.  Lots of sauces and dressings.  There is something to say for the ease of things these days...once upon a time you either made your own Italian dressing marinade or ate the chicken dry.  I also went through my cupboard and put my stuff on one shelf.  I have paleo "breading" for chicken (as I wrote that I realized I need to check that it's compliant and not just assume), ghee, coconut milk, avocado oil, and a few other compliant things.  Plus, I have lots of Primal Kitchen spices, so it's a good start.  I did my meal planning for the week, but haven't shopped groceries yet-I'll do that when I'm done here.  I have a Misfits Market box coming today, too.  And Food Freedom came yesterday.  All the pieces fell into place, it's time to start.  
    Last night was end-of-the-world, I'll-never-get-to-eat-anything-I-like-ever-again.  Pork chops, sauerkraut and mac and cheese for dinner, finished the bottle of wine I opened the night before, finished the giant chocolate bar I had opened the night before ,  and ate two, flavorless ice cream sandwiches.....and while I'm eating them I'm asking myself why, they don't even taste good!  But that's done and over.  
    I am in a great mindset today.  I got up, changed from my pj shorts into pants, walked my morning mile, took my last weight measure for a month, and fixed a yummy breakfast.  The sun is shining, I'm going to have lots of colorful vegetables to chop this afternoon, I have herbs and lettuces to harvest, I'm making my favorite chicken salad to have on hand, and I have three books to work through.  
    Energy=7, Pain=0, Mood=8.  
    I took some ibuprofen last night due to hip pain, that I'm sure was exacerbated by the foods I ate.  But surprisingly, my stomach is fine this morning, despite all the dairy and chocolate.  I was more stiff and limpy while walking, though.   During my walk this morning, I thought it would be a good idea to list some of the NSVs I'm striving for:
    -Ability to stand and start walking, not wait for all the creakiness and stiffness to subside
    -Ability to walk without pain and limping
    -Ability to bend my left knee beyond 90 degrees (yoga is helping)
    -Stable blood pressure
    -Off my bp meds (though this will likely be longer term.  My doc let me come off in December after my Sept W30 and continued success.  But I had to go back on in April because my efforts didn't last)
    -Better skin, less flakiness.  
    -Stable mood and energy level
    -Address my passive-aggressiveness surrounding food and my husband
    I know there will be more that come by virtue of a healthier lifestyle, but these are what I'm striving for.  I'm trying to decide when I want to do the Day-By-Day book.  It might be best to do it mid-afternoon when I might be struggling a little bit.  It's doubtful that I'll journal in it at night, but maybe that could become a new habit?  Something I'll be thinking about.    Food Freedom appears to be set-up that I could start reading a little bit each day in order to be ready to move into reintroduction at the end.  And finally, today's meals:
    M1-3 eggs and a big handful of spinach sauteed in ghee and olive oil, with a spoonful of chipotle-lime mayo.  Delicious.  I had forgotten the yumminess that is ghee.  Also, no coffee.  I live for cream in my coffee.  Coconut milk is not the same.  I'll survive.  
    M2-leftover porkchop (grilled, seasoned with salt and pepper) and sauerkraut, maybe some more vegetables?  
    M3-taco salad with pineapple-, ground beef, onion, and poblano peppers cooked in ghee with Primal Palate taco seasoning.  With lettuces and cilantro from my very small garden.  I may grill the pineapple and add it to the salad.  
    I will have macadamia nuts, celery and almond butter, and apples available should I need a snack.  
    I'd like to go hike today, but I may not have time.  I'll at least get another mile walk in.  Plus yoga this afternoon.  
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    So the scale results are in.....

    I feel like I still have a long journey ahead to feel healthier and more confident but this has been an amazing start.  
    I guess today is like day- 34 now.
     I've tried a couple new things- made this potato salad recipe. It's not bad but potato salad I think is just one of those recipes that is hard to please everyone.  I'd make this again but I would probably try to make my own mayo instead of buying the primal kitchen.  For over $8 a jar- I felt like I had to use most of the jar just for this one recipe.  Also, I feel like there was too much of the dressing/sauce.  My potatoes and other things (eggs, celery) were swimming in the mayo mix.  I thought about cooking more potatoes but the recipe made MORE than enough servings for just me.  I'd suggest if you make it to halve the ingredients for the dressing (mayo, mustard, etc).   To go with my potato salad this week I tried Applegate turkey hot dogs (again- Ok, I think I'll try the beef ones they make and see if I like them any better).  I also made BBQ chicken legs with Primal Kitchen Classic BBQ sauce.  They were pretty delicious.  The sauce has a little kick or bite to it (in my opinion). They make another flavor (golden, I think) and I may try that at some time in the future--- maybe some BBQ shredded pork?
    I also tried this Whole30 version of the Starbucks Pink Drink-  I know it's like a substitute but I've completed my initial 30 days so I thought I'd give it a go and try to find a different refreshing beverage.  Mine turned out looking very cute and light pink.  But I did not care for the taste at all.  I might try again with a different brand of coconut milk.  But I think I just miss the sweet and refreshing taste of the original version (I don't even want to think how much added sugars that has to it).  
    Oh- I've also been sleeping A LOT better the past 3-4 days.  Which has been nice.  I think part of it is changes to my food but I also started reading a little bit before bed instead of staying on my phone. 
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    Today was day 30!!!!  Yay!!!  I've said this before but gonna say it again- I'm planning on continuing to do another 30 days as my cravings still pop up as well as my sleep, energy, and aches are still too much of a presence and I want to see if giving my gut more time to heal will be beneficial.  I've struggled a bit with identifying non-scale victories I guess because the ones I was hoping for haven't come to fruition yet.    But, It is a victory that I made all but one meal at home over the past 30 days.  I ordered a whole30 bowl from chipotle once.  Typically, I'd feel so spent and tired after work that I wouldn't feel like cooking so I'd just order something from somewhere or go through a drive through.  So- in that respect, I guess I do have a bit more energy.  lol. It is a victory to stick to my commitment.  It is a victory that I was able to say no to temptations and find other ways to cope with the stress and emotions (although sometimes sleeping throughout the day or staying immersed in social media doesn't seem very healthy either).  
    And let's be honest... I'm really looking forward to seeing what my scale victory is as well.  That will wait until tomorrow morning.  But, I did take measurements tonight and there is a slight difference in some areas.  So I'll take it!!!
    Here are the results:  (Measured myself so they may not be exactly accurate). S=start; C=current
    Waist @ belly button- S= 53.5"; C= 52"
    Waist @ narrowest point- S= 45"; C= 44 1/4"
    Hips- S= 54"; C= 52 3/4"
    Right- S= 29 3/4"; C=29 1/2" Left- S= 30"; C= 29" (ish???) Calves-
    Right- S= 18 1/4"; C=17 3/4" Left- S= 18 3/4"; C= 17 5/8" Biceps (making a muscle)- 
    Right- S= 17 1/2"; C=17" Left- S= 17 1/4"; C= 16 7/8" Wrists-
    Right- S= 7 1/4"; C= 7/14" Left- S= 7 1/4"; C= 7 1/4" Neck- S= 15"; C= 14 3/4"
    Bust- S= 49"; C= 49"
    Chest S= 43"; C= 42 1/4"
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    Day 37, Saturday June 6
    M1: brat sausage, 2 fried eggs, green beans with ghee
    M2: 1/4 spaghetti squash topped with La Dee Dah butternut squash beet sauce and leftover meatballs
    M3: angel hair primavera (modified for W30 using spaghetti squash and omitting the parmesan), with chicken breast, broccoli, snow peas, red peppers, zucchini, 
    NSV: I was out of bed at 7:02 today, I ate well all day and didn't snack, and I kept up with my habits
    NSV: I had good energy today, but was a bit sleepy mid afternoon, probs because my sleep last night wasn't perfect - I think I was just dehydrated
    NSV: I didn't have any cravings today
    Plan for tomorrow:  make ghee
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    Blueautumn reacted to SchrodingersCat in Round 4 - FIGHT!   
    Sundaaaaaaay Day 28!
    I went to buy compliant beef and chicken stock and got mad at myself, because 2 cups of the only compliant one I can find is $6 and that's a waste. So instead of $12 for 1L of stock, I bought all the ingredients for $21, and now have a huge pot of chicken stock simmering, and beef bones and veggies roasting for bone broth. I have the time, and the equipment, so there's no excuse!
    Meal 1: Leftover spanish tortilla with smoked red perrer sauce, shredded lamb and grilled dukkah crusted baby eggplant. 
    Meal 2: I got some huge, lovely chicken marylands so I think crispy skinned chicken. Not sure on sides yet!
  25. Haha
    Blueautumn reacted to SchrodingersCat in Round 4 - FIGHT!   
    Thanks guys! I accidentally bought hideously expensive lamb and thought I better do it justice 
    For some really weird reason though,I got hungry again ( to be fair it is late) so I had the chicken burger patty I didn't eat last night with Dijon mayo.