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    Blueautumn reacted to ShadowInTheKitchen in Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30   
    @Blueautumn It sounds like you and I have the same problem with not wanting to get out of bed!  I used to be a 'morning person,' not sure what happened to that, maybe menopause but I hate to blame that for any of my problems.  I am very happy to be at this stage of my life.  This morning I planned to get up at 7, woke up at 7 but didn't get up until 9.  Grrrrr.  Ah well, tomorrow morning...
    I have to be finished on the 10th, my birthday is on the 20th and I want to have some reintros done by then.  I want to invite some neighbours over for a bonfire on my birthday and I want to be able to enjoy some wine and appies!
    About the soapy cilantro taste... The thing is that I don't really think it tastes like soap, not that I eat soap LOL.  I am just not a fan - yet. I don't really like parsley either (they look almost the same so probably are related).  Both are often on ingredient lists, and I'd like to eat more Mexican/Southwest foods, so I'm gonna need to like that cilantro!  BTW that sweet potato hash is the bomb! . I added a bit of cilantro and didn't mind it.  I also chopped up a jalapeno - 1st time for me cooking with one!  Bonus - its not hard to make either.  

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    Blueautumn got a reaction from ShadowInTheKitchen in Autumns' R1 Whole30 Log   
    day 7 may 30
    M1 - part of a backed potato and some hamburger meat patties
    M2 - forgot primal kitchen dressing for the salad I brought to work and as much as I tried i cant just much on green leaves without dressing. Ate some tuna and pork with a few sticks of celery
    M3 - went for the breakfast hash again with the potatoes eggs and bacon - super nauseous by the time i got home.
    So what may have been super obvious to some people at this point is that apparently ppl can get nauseous when they get hungry - who freakin knew. So i guess really the waves of nausea are actually a result of me not feeling like eating and then of course i get so nauseous i dont actually want to eat but if i can figure out a way to get food in the nausea clears up - pft. stupid.
    My energy has been significantly better. Not run outside and jog better but i actually get out of bed and get off the couch and move around. LOL. Making it all the way through work without getting tired or feeling like i need a nap.
    No migraines since ive started - happy days there.
    Falling asleep in under 30 mins now as opposed to lying in bed for 2 hours waiting for the sandman. Falling asleep easier means Im spending the same amount of time in bed but actually getting sleep. I also have a huge problem with neck stiffness when i wake up- it varies from day to day and doesnt matter if im using pillows, no pillows, 2 pillows, am positioned in fifty different way it just randomly hurts. Well I just realized the last few days that my neck hasnt been giving me near as many problems.
    So far I know i feel better. I still miss the taste and feel of a brand new sunkist poured into a cup of ice nom nom nom. Finally over craving cheesy bacon fries but I am still thinking about cheese alot. If i had to give up chocolate for cheese I would and I never knew that about myself ROFL.
    I also may have gone home, opened my hubbys dr pepper and just sniffed it for a bit (i did that with his koolaid the other day as well.) The smell is so refreshing and im sure i sound like a crazy person.
    TMI incoming
    My stomach was super confused very suddenly in the middle of my shift and it has continued to today. I dont have any pains or cramps but the diarrhea is def there and I think at this point its probably from the massive 180 in my diet. So im just going to patiently wait for it to catch up with whats going on.  I guess having two orders of bacon cheesy fries, a chicken sandwich, and a big soda or milkshake every other day right before bed isnt really ideal for the gut. It was my go to meal the last few months after work especially if it was a bad shift.
    My bank account is very pleased with me not ordering out everyday. even if some of the healthier things are more expensive im not paying near as much as i was to have stuff delivered every day.
    Also was able to move my bra two rows over.
    Still think im eating way too many potatoes just in general. A friend made me a potato and leek soup - she had me double check the recipe to make sure it was okay. she subbed the butter for olive oil cause shes awesome. So i have that in my fridge waiting for me after my shift today (5/31)
    My day 8 is going fairly well so far. Just going with the flow at this point. Tomorrow is a day off so ill be making some chicken/tuna salad which i still havent done. I also think it will be a good idea to hardboild some eggs and keep them in the fridge. I didnt think i would really need a super quick thing to stuff down my face since someone will cook for me but i walked in the door yesterday jonesing to eat lol.
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    Blueautumn got a reaction from ShadowInTheKitchen in Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30   
    @ShadowInTheKitchen Ive noticed that even if im not tired ill stay in bed when i wake up unless i have a good reason to try and leave it lol.
    Day 30 done! grats. Are you considering past 40 if you dont quite hit what you want?
    Does cilantro have that soapy taste for you or you just arent an overall fan of it? because if you have that genetic thing its probably not even worth trying to eat it. I honestly cant recall eating it (though im sure i have) and i have no idea what it tastes like lol. I really need to get out more.
    Keep up the good work - another weekend gone! happy thoughts
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    Blueautumn reacted to RachelR in RachelR- Start Date May 4, 2020   
    Day 27....  I think I had more energy on Thursday and Friday this week.  Today was filled with a lot of naps though.  But I woke up much earlier than I typically do on a Saturday.  My sleep still isn't where I'd like it to be but I do think it is improved from before this round of Whole30.  Still see pictures or advertisements for non compliant foods and have cravings but able to move past it.  However, I am definitely going to keep eating compliant for a total of at least 60 days (maybe 90).  We'll see.  I am excited to weigh in and measure next week and see those results.  I had a dream last night that I stepped on the scale and then realized my 30 days weren't over and looked away and stepped off before the number could come up.  Almost to the end....I'm really proud of myself.  
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    Blueautumn reacted to ShadowInTheKitchen in Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30   
    Day 30, Saturday May 30
    M1: leftover romaine salad, mandarins
    M2: sweet potato hash, with jalapeño and cilantro, prosciutto subbed for bacon
    M3: English banger sausage sheet pan dinner with potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, sweet pepper, oregano, salt and pepper, olive oil
    NSV: I am thoroughly enjoying eating Whole30, and am looking forward to leftovers tomorrow. That hash (from sophisticated is soooo good
    NSV: I added a bit of cilantro to the hash today, hoping that I will grow to eventually like it
    NSV: I’m loving that my stomach is a bit smaller, I’m not as conscious of it anymore 
    Plan for tomorrow: continue with W30 until June 10, I’m not in any rush to weigh or measure myself
    I hope to have a better sleep pattern by the time I finish W40.  I want to get up consistently at 7am. Right now I am getting great sleep, just having trouble getting up in the morning 
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    Blueautumn reacted to patrickjohn in Patrick's Whole30 Log   
    Hi Everyone!
    I'm Patrick and I'm starting the Whole30 tomorrow (Monday, June 1st 2020) with my mom. I have been back and forth with my health for a few years now. While I have been relatively health-conscious, I haven't achieved a sustainably healthy lifestyle that allows me to maintain my goals long-term. This is definitely a time of transition in my life: I am currently living at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, after which I will be relocating to LA for work. I was also recently in an accident that broke my collarbone that I am still recovering from. Since there's a lot of upcoming changes in my life, I think this is an ideal time for me to establish healthy habits that will carry me forward!
    These are the main goals I have for my Whole30 experience:
    Become Slimmer - I have always struggled with my body image and my relationship with food. I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror and be confident in how I look. Improve my Relationship with Food - I want to improve my relationship with food and view it as a source of nourishment and get rid of poor eating habits. Specifically, intentionless and emotional eating habits are ones that I would like to squash. Mental Clarity - I have noticed that lately I've been really foggy mentally, and I think this is due to the sugar I've been consuming. I am hoping Whole30 will help me clear the fog. Kill the Sugar Dragon - I've had a sweet tooth for as long as I can remember and crave sugar/carbs regularly. Ever since I was little, I've always been unfulfilled if I didn't have a dessert after dinner. This is a habit I would like to get out of. Thanks everyone in advance for your support. I wish you all luck on your journeys!
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    Blueautumn reacted to kirbz in Contessa's June Realignment   
    Oh wow, I most definitely laughed aloud reading this! I can definitely relate to eating like a fourth grader whose parents are out of town! Lucky Charms for dinner? Kraft Mac N Cheese for breakfast! Yes, please! Oh wait, no! Lol. 
    I wish you the very best on your Whole30 journey! I hope you find the results you’re looking for and that the knee feels better!! 
    We’re all here rooting for you! 
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    Blueautumn reacted to Contessa in Contessa's June Realignment   
    I'm starting a new Whole 30 after spending most of these few months of self-isolation eating like a 4th grader whose parents are out of town.
    During self-isolation, I have also done a number on my knee (too much anxiety-walking, I think). Probably just a little patellar tendonitis. The inflammation is pretty bad. I want my knee back. Back away from the Chips Ahoy, Contessa. My sleep has also been kind of dodgy, and I just feel/look more sluggish than I'd like.
    Grocery shopping yesterday, I was delighted by the number of great products on the shelf that are Whole 30. Thank you, Sir Kensington. Thank you, Mark Sisson. I bought four different kinds of sauces and dressings. Boy, this movement has come a long way!
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    Blueautumn got a reaction from hedegi in Starting May 24/2020   
    I plan on using the template here and then if it seems that I am not staying full between meals, Ill work on adding more fats/veggies.
    Im starting the same day you are!! We can do this  

    I honestly enjoy eating and snacking and munchin so much that I dont actually no if my hunger and full notifications work so great anymore LOL.
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    Blueautumn got a reaction from ShadowInTheKitchen in Autumns' R1 Whole30 Log   
    Soooo the chicken didnt go well but I'll make a full post after I get some sleep.
    All my awesome whole 30 friends who are being super supportive I'll respond in a few days specifically lol I'm so blah and annoyed and not my best self so I'll just be posting daily updates till my work week is over
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    Blueautumn reacted to Thais Mazzetti in Ready for R1!! Start 5/24   
    We are together @Blueautumn !
    I hope you are feeling better today (your day 6, right?)! I'm calmer already, I hope the days are better from now on.
    Training is a good ideia !
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    Blueautumn reacted to leigh in Im Just not hungry   
    Hey Tristacia
    I've had this before on previous rounds. For me it was food boredom essentially. I just had no appetite. I've found that trying a few new recipes that look exciting, or even having a favorite meal Whole 30 style (for me it's something taco related - taco salad or something I call a potaco which is a potato loaded with taco topings) makes a huge difference. Also if you've been eating the same foods for each meal, try varying it a bit. This will pass as you get used to and start looking forward to various Whole 30 meals.
    It may also be that when you are eating quality and nutritious food, you just need less than you are used to needing. Or sometimes hormone fluctuations can cause a few days of disinterest in food. 
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    Blueautumn reacted to ShannonM816 in I caved.   
    I'm sorry you're not feeling great. 
    I would keep going. If you take a break, it may be harder to get going again, so for now, just go back to whole30 tomorrow and keep going until you've got 30 days in a row, and then do reintroductions. 
    As far as the diarrhea, sometimes this happens early on and then corrects itself, or sometimes it's a sign that something you're eating doesn't agree with you. If whole30 is a big change from how you ate before, and you're only a week or so in, it might just be your body reacting to the change in how you're eating. It may stop on own.
    If you don't think that's it, be sure you're not eating too many nuts or seeds, as those cause digestive issues for many people. If there's something you never ate before or rarely ate before that you're eating regularly now, see if you can not have that or at least cut way back on it for a while and see if that helps. You could also go to bland foods for a day or two and see if that helps -- things like baked potatoes or sweet potatoes with olive oil or ghee and salt; grilled, baked, or boiled chicken with just salt and pepper; bananas or unsweetened applesauce.  Ginger or peppermint tea might help as well.
    Some people find things like kombucha, sauerkraut and other fermented foods, probiotic supplements, or drinking beef or chicken broth helps with various digestive issues, although they're more a longterm solution, they probably won't provide immediate results. If you need to, it's ok to take medication like Imodium. 
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    Blueautumn reacted to Vanillabean in Vanillabean W30 Round 2   
    Day 2 continued...
    M2: leftover pork roast and vegetables
    M3: asian inspired meatballs and broccoli, sesame seeds and a side salad 
    The recipe was posted on the W30 FB-Page and tasted very good. 
    Today is day three and the carb flu kicked in , I feel very nauseous, tired, exhausted this morning.

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    Blueautumn reacted to Greg65 in Greg's Log, notes on progress. 3/1/2020   
    Day 30!!!!!!!!    OK, skipped a couple days in this journal that nobody will read. Here we are. Last day. Rather dreading getting on the scales. A voice in my head is saying I'm going to be angry and disappointed as I stare in disbelief at 1.5 lbs weight loss. Could happen. Still not thin as a rail. But hey people I'm 65. 
    I've struggled the last few days wanting something to brighten up my meals. Last night, post-dinner, an apple and a banana and a few hazelnuts. Felt like I was cheating royally. Dinner was difficult because both my wife and I were busy with other things and didn't cook and prep like normal. Scrounged by on some leftover mashed potatoes, nothing off plan in them, mixed with an egg and asparagus slices. Pan fried this. Cooked up some cauliflower.  Gnawed on some chicken. Hungry later, and then the fruit--which I really didn't ever eat  much of because of blood sugar spiking and insulin release which led to carb cravings. But it seemed OK, about an hour after dinner.
    I had a big slip the other night. First off, a big fuck you to the finger-wagging rule hounds. This is my experiment and not yours, so I'm calling the slip "early feedback." A problema that has added some challenge to this is my wife is not on board, and her diet includes various grains, chocolate, non-wheat pasta, and shit like baked crust made with almond flour and other alternative flours which she spreads jam on and stuff. So having that wagged in my face has been rough at times.  She has a severe allergy to any form of authority, so I think just having rules in the room that I happened to be following triggered a rebellions middle finger in her, as if she needed to demonstrate that she by God was not going be held accountable, and not only that she was going to defy the thing. 
    So the other night she made soup. Started out just potatoes and asparagus, leaks and onions and mushrooms. She tossed in a coffee creamer of unsweetened soy milk, very thick and concentrated. Didn't ask. So I'm fucking starving, it's about 8:15 at night, I had no alternative dishes to yank out of the refrigerator, so I took the soup and ate it. It was delicious. And, right after eating, my head felt stuffed up. I was exhausted. My thinking was muddled. I attribute this to the effect of the soy milk. So that shit is off my diet plan. Don't need that again. I did have a quarter tsp. of Tamari soy sauce twice this month (another big fuck you to the shaming rule hounds who would put me in stocks in the public square for ths), and it did not have any negative effect. Fermented is the difference I suspect plus the very small quantity.
    I am worried about re-entry. I don't want to jump right back on the train and start up with the chocolate, peanuts, etc. I've been so clear headed and felt so good. So perhaps I'll build a structure, like Tues. and Thurs. is open to allow a few things to be reintroduced. The soy was a good test--it wasn't mixed in with other off plan things so it was clear that my body didn't like it.
    Basta! Finito! Done. We're on quarantine or I'd take a 30 mile bike ride today, though it is rather damp and could rain.
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    Blueautumn reacted to SchrodingersCat in Ready for R1!! Start 5/24   
    Haahaa I'd suggest a workout to burn some anger, but that did the opposite for me 
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    Blueautumn reacted to Maggiemay58 in Starting tomorrow 5/20   
    Thank you!  It's day 6 and I'm doing great. I haven't had any cravings, I'm not hungry between meals and I feel good! It seems like a miracle. Lol.
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    Blueautumn reacted to Brewer5 in Like an Onion   
    I got ready to head out the door to work yesterday - realized I hadn't eaten anything, and I had no plan.  Grabbed a pile of air fryer bacon sitting on the counter, and a teeny tiny can of tuna salad that I had gotten back when coronavirus first hit.  Because, you know ... we would all survive a really long time with that tiny can to save us!  
    So I crammed that food down at about 4pm at work.
    Got home at about 11:30 pm and had a big bowl of cole slaw veggies, with HB eggs chopped up in it, and an obscene amount of Tessamae's ranch.  That hit the spot - and I promptly passed out.  In my scrubs.  
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    Blueautumn reacted to ShadowInTheKitchen in Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30   
    Day 28, Thursday May 28
    M1: fried potatoes and onions. fried kale and spinach, 2 eggs
    M2: green beans, potato-egg salad with chives
    M3: beef burger on iceberg lettuce wrap with onions, tomato and mayo 
    Snack before supper: larabar
    Snack after supper: raspberries and banana
    NSV: I shopped for a few groceries and didn't buy any junk
    NSV: I was eating breakfast and was full before finishing.  I heard Alanis in my head singing "How 'bout stopping eating when I'm full up." (Thank U)   I fed the rest of my very healthy breakfast to my dog and he loved me for it :-) 
    I didn't really need any of the snacks today.  The Larabar I had before supper just because I was curious how it tasted (delicious!).  The fruit after supper was just a habit to eat something while visiting with company.  My kitchen was a mess and I'd had a super busy day at work. I wouldn't have eaten it if my day had been more organized.  I just felt a bit... frazzled?  Well its not like I gave in to something junky, so go me!
    Tomorrow: I'm going to eat well and remain compliant.  I hope to get up early enough to get myself organized after the morning rush and before my work day begins.  
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    Blueautumn reacted to ShadowInTheKitchen in Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30   
    Day 27, Wednesday May 27
    M1: sweet potato hash with onions, pineapple and cinnamon, 2 eggs, green beans
    M2: romaine and spinach salad with celery, avocado, green grapes, PK green goddess dressing
    M3: leftover chicken with strawberry rhubarb salsa, cauliflower
    NSV: I tried another new recipe (sweet potato hash) and loved it! Thanks so much for the link @scoakley13. I didn't have cilantro or bacon on hand, and I didn't add the jalapeno, but it turned out just fine.  I've never been a fan of cilantro, but that has to change.  I'm planning to buy a cilantro plant for my garden, and try it a bit at a time to overcome this distaste I have for it.  
    NSV: I didn't snack between meals again today. That's a two day streak!
    NSV: Since my high cravings day last Friday - 5 days ago, I am finding it easier to focus on eating well and to avoid off-plan foods.  
    I need regularly to bring myself back to my primary focus: Eat nutritious, delicious food always, and strive to aways be on auto-pilot with my food choices.  The difference with my focus from a week or two ago are the reasons for the distractions.  It used to be that trashy foods would be distracting, but I find that the hot weather and my new gardening hobby are what distract me now and lead me to unintentionally put my W30 plans on the back burner.  
    Plan for tomorrow: Prepare a potato-egg salad and chop up some more sweet potato, carrots and onion for the fridge
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    Blueautumn reacted to ShadowInTheKitchen in Autumns' R1 Whole30 Log   
    yes!  eat it every day or every other day if you can until you find your groove, or heck just keep eating it for as long as you want!
    Its part of the process.  You are tuning in to yourself, it happens gradually so embrace it!  This is another victory, something to feel proud about, not a negative thing at all.
    Keep going, you're doing awesome!
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    Blueautumn reacted to Thais Mazzetti in Ready for R1!! Start 5/24   
    You are doing very well @hedegi! Mango is a good ideia, I love it!
    Today I'm having all syntoms of day 4, I'm so stressed! I hope feel better soon.
    I think that part of my irritability occur because all around me are always drinking wine and eating desserts.
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    Blueautumn got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in Round 4 - FIGHT!   
    I have not been interested in much food wise and I'm just angry at the world. Surprise. 
    Hopefully getting your 30 mins doesnt make you cranky every time!! Lol feel free to get another 30 in for me as well
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    Blueautumn reacted to scoakley13 in Pants don't fit and I'm tired   
    Last night dinner - I was tired after my exercise so I made a simple burger patty and ate some canned green beans. Very boring but did the trick. 
    Movement - four mile run/walk (mile run/mile walk/mile run/mile walk)
    I was tired most of the day yesterday due to lack of sleep Tuesday night. I forced myself to go to the Greenway for my run/walk. I got it done but crashed as soon as I got home. My anti-depressant is great but it makes me tired and also gives me insomnia sometimes. That's a horrible combination and I feel for anyone who has to deal with it on a regular basis. 
    Day 3 - May 28
    Breakfast - nothing - I overslept 
    Lunch - leftover apple/bacon smothered pork chops
    Planned Dinner - grilled apple and pork kabobs -
    Planned Movement - none! rest day
    I feel ok today. I'm still a little tired but it's date night so I'm excited to see my boyfriend (I hate that term since we're both 44 but don't know what else to use). 
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    Blueautumn reacted to kirbz in Kirbz's Whole30 Log   
    Alright, well, I'm officially done with my Whole30 so I thought I would log my scale- and non-scale victories! I'm also planning to continue for another month, so I've added measurements, which I will compare in another 30 days. I lost more weight than I thought this round, but it felt a lot harder to see and feel the difference. Probably because it's less easy to notice weight loss when you only wear sweats! LOL. Much easier to notice when you're actually wearing real clothing, like business pants! 
    I still continue to be disappointed that I don't have more energy  but I really think it might just be the intensity of my spiritual awakening and my increased sensitivity to the energy around me (meaning I'm connecting more with the overall negative energy associated with the global pandemic). 
    But... I looked up my max heart rate for my last three rides and it has gone down with each ride, despite maintaining the same speed! I also did a trail run last night and I felt good! So, my physical stamina and performance is improving, even if I'm not feeling it with my day-to-day energy levels! And that's okay!
    Weight Loss: 11.5 lbs 
    Non-Scale Victories:
    Genuinely loving the food I'm eating Enjoying finding and playing with new recipes My insides feel healthy  Feeling an aura of health surrounding me My resting heart rate is lower My heart rate during exercise is decreasing  My skin is lovely  Feeling in alignment  Current Measurements:
    Weight: 194.7 lbs Bust: 37.25" Waist: 33.5" Hips: 45.5" Right Thigh: 28" Right Bicep: 14.5"