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  1. Guys! We did it. In total, I have lost 8lbs. Not surprising because it wasn’t too far fetched from how I eat normally. Being quarantined made Whole30 manageable with less temptations. I honestly don’t see myself doing this again but there are lots that I plan to incorporate moving forward such as making my own mayonnaise and utilizing all the Primal Kitchen sauces and dressings. My sweet tooth cravings are still present but not as strong as before. I plan to reintroduce with dairy first because I have been wanting a seafood boil and I already know the sauce is laced in butter.
  2. 4.More.Days. How is everyone holding up?
  3. I have been doing well so far. Still have slight sugar cravings but nothing overwhelming. Starting to read up on how to reintroduce foods now. Almost there...
  4. @Thais Mazzetti wow! Thanks for the count! I didn’t even realize we are at day 15. It’s amazing that I still have sugar cravings but they aren’t dominant. As in, I can calm the monster down with fruit yet I am excited to be able to eat sugar again after 30 days. It lets me know how addicted to sugar I am. Like the people who go into rehab and then relapse... today, I made salmon patties. They were good and a much needed change from the ordinary. I have since purchased the steak sauce and bbq sauce from primal kitchen. They were both pretty good. There are lots of things I want to continue
  5. I am finding that I am sticking to the same meals as week one. How is everyone doing this far?
  6. I currently do not have an appetite so it makes eating a challenge. However, I my sugar cravings have not been as strong. I started intensive cardio so I am guessing this will kick up my appetite, also. I haven't been keeping track of the days so that tells me that the diet hasn't been that much different from how I normally eat. I just have to be mindful of the condiments. I went to Target yesterday to purchase some Primal Kitchen products. The steak sauce was better than I expected. Next, I will try the BBQ sauce. Has anyone been using their condiments this round?
  7. This was a challenging week so I am so proud of myself for sticking with it. We did it, guys!! How are you feeling? Thanks for the timeline @Blueautumn
  8. I have been doing well considering all things that may have normally caused me to emotionally eat (pandemic and living in Minneapolis during the riots #GeorgeFloyd). I remember seeing the calendar that gives a breakdown of how you are expected to feel day by day. I will search for that again so I can level set expectations. My biggest challenge is my sweet tooth, so that is what I have had to modify. I am learning to substitute fruit for candy. Please pray that I can maintain for 3 more weeks. The struggle is real.
  9. The kombucha was a life saver! I haven’t had any issues since. So far, I am doing well. When my sugar cravings start, I eat a mango or some other fruit. That helps! my tummy is bloated but I am blaming this on that time of the month.
  10. I ended my day 2 with major heartburn from the burger. I saw on another discussion in this forum that heartburn can be caused by too much protein and fats. The suggested remedy was 9 cups of veggies or kombucha. Needless to say, I am on my way to purchase Kombucha...
  11. Hi @thais! A few of us started on yesterday so it would great for you to join this journey with us. In honor of Memorial Day, I made a turkey burger on lettuce wraps. It was very good and filling. I even made mayo! I doubt I will ever purchase mayo again now that I can make my own.
  12. Day 1, I quickly realized my struggle will be eating 3 meals. I felt like I smacked for two meals and then ate a huge dinner. Day 2 I vow to have 3 meals!!
  13. How exciting! I suggest we all check in at the end of the day for accountability. @RS77 @Blueautumn
  14. I plan to start 5/24 as well. Originally, I also was looking at June 1 but decided that was too long of a wait. I get my groceries delivered so I wanted to make sure I had enough staples and food for week 1. I have enough food in my house to start this and I have a plan moving forward.