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  1. Niya79

    My big Fear

    Thanks so much! I was able to check out the podcast today on my run and it was great!
  2. Niya79

    My big Fear

    Thank you so much...everything you said makes so much sense and I had never even thought of things like what you said about a vacation! I will definitely look into the book! Good luck with your marathon.
  3. Niya79

    My big Fear

    Hi everyone! I started my Whole 30 on May 11 and am on day 11 and I am scared! I am scared because so far I am feeling great, and I am afraid of what will happen when this is over. I am a 40 year old who has Hashimotos and last year decided to run 2 marathons. Well that contributed to a lot of weight gain, GI distress, and general feeling like crap. Before starting my training I ate pretty clean but because of the increase in carbs my diet got all out of wack. I am set to run the Chicago marathon this October and thought the whole 30 might help for a reset to figure out where my diet is having issues. Well, other than a headache that lasted a few days and feeling like I was running to the bathroom nonstop during the first week I feel as though I must be doing something wrong. I say that because this is not as difficult as I expected, and other than having a hard time with my blood sugar on a few runs (which I now keep dates on hand for emergencies), my energy levels are amazing. I was under the impression running would be too hard...maybe it will get harder but I feel like as long as I do my pre and post workout meals I am good. So my fear is this. What about when this is done, yes I am afraid I will go back to my old ways, but I am more afraid to have anything I am not having now. I know I have heard this is not meant to be a long time diet, but I am afraid that Ill have something and be right back where I was. Has anyone else felt this way?