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    Is Organic actually better?

    I'm part way through reading the book, and I'm noticing that it keeps mentioning that I should be including "organic" foods. In all my research, and I've done quite a bit, I can find no reputable study (peer reviewed and widely accepted) that shows that there is any consequencial benefit of organic vegetables when compared to conventionally grown vegetables. (My research has mostly been focused on vegetables and fruit, not dairy and meat, so I will contain my question to only organic vegetables) Many organic growers use the same pesticides as conventional growers. So, is there something you, the Whole30 creators/experts, know that I don't? Why is organic recommended? I usually wouldn't care, but I want to do Whole30 right and the price difference between organic and conventional is too big to ignore. Here is one of my sources where I've gotten (what I feel to be) reliable information: https://gmo.geneticliteracyproject.org/FAQ/are-organic-foods-healthier-than-conventional-foods/