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  1. TerriAnn

    Roll call: November Whole30s!

    end of day 4, and i actually feel pretty good. surprising since I didnt sleep last night at all. I had no breakfast, just wasnt hungry, then lunch was a salmon patty and small salad, with liver and pistachios ( i know, weird combo) for snack. Dinner was small potatoe and quarter chicken. Not hungry today, First time I haven't felt hungry ( ravenous) in months and months. This is so awesome! Even more awesome, my business partner who I havent seen about 2 weeks came by,and said i looked like I lost weight!!! Its the wheat. EVERY TIME i go off wheat for 5 or 7 days theres a huge difference in my face and waist. Im lucky to respond so quickly.
  2. TerriAnn

    Roll call: November Whole30s!

    I too have had headaches for day 3 and today, day 4. i'm going to try drinking more water, see if it helps. Im already noticing a change in how my bowels are working. I thingk its very individual, but for myself and my colitis wheat and sugar are deadly enemies to my system. Too bad that's not enough to make me stop eating them for good huh? I did NOT sleep last night at all. My emotions were high, going in to bed, and my brain would not shut off. Im looking forward to sleeping tonight. Im not a good sleeper. I am a fretter. Having said that i didnt sleep, I dont feel as awful today without sleep as i have in the past. Less brain fog actually when dead tired.
  3. TerriAnn

    Roll call: November Whole30s!

    Hi. Im TerriAnn. I live in Southern Ontario, Canada. I completed a successful whole 30 in winter ( about the same time actually) of 2012. It was great. I felt great, I slept and had natural energy. I live with bowel disease ( ulcerative colitis) and the whole 30 really helped put my disease into remission. Im still not flaring, but my diet has become slowly and progressively worse over the 2 years. My clothes don't fit well, some don't fit at all anymore. I started on Nov3, here we go..........
  4. TerriAnn

    Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    I completed one whole 30 back in august 2012. It was great. Good results carried me through to January 2013 when the results started to get lost. I still stayed approx 80 percent through the year last year, but I didn't get the same sleep, skin, hair, inches, and energy. i am motivated to start anew. Today. Breakfast, egg, bacon, almond meal bread, and hollandainse. Lunch hugh jass salad, and dinner, chicken stir fry. WOOT .......then of course, the real challenge begins, no eating until the next breakfast. So i get the benefits of intermittent fasting, and good sleep. Good luck everyone, happy new year, and away we go! TerriAnn (ontario Canada) oh, ps, Im not weighing or taking pictures, or measuring., I go by how my clothes fit, and I have my first pair of goal weight pants out.
  5. TerriAnn

    February 2013 Starters

    ok, count me in for the february group.