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  1. Thanks and that's good to hear - I think it's definitely subsided. I've started having sweet potatoes with a plant-based butter alternative and some cinnamon as my dessert over the past week and I've been very happy. Also I know I haven't been posting on here but I have been sticking to the Whole30. I'm at a point where I do it without needing to think or track it.
  2. Thursday June 11th (Continued): I ended up having some snacks yesterday evening Additional snacks: Small antipasto salad (it was so delicious) Homemade baked potato / sweet potato chips with thyme, garlic, and onion powder I've really been craving potatoes of all varieties yesterday...I know baked chip recreations aren't fully in the spirit of Whole30 but ~technically~ I feel like they're not breaking the rules as long as they're enjoyed in moderation.
  3. Thanks! It really is - adding the nuts. almond butter, and almond milk give it a nice texture and balance out the sugars from the fruit to help keep me full for longer. I also sprinkle some cinnamon and nutmeg on it sometimes too.
  4. Thursday, June 11th (Day 11) Breakfast: "cereal" bowl with pineapple, almond butter, chia seeds, almond milk, and pecans (this is my new go to!) Lunch: steamed broccoli with beef and a garlic sesame oil and apple cider vinegar sauce and a baked sweet potato with homemade ghee and cinnamon Dinner: grilled pork chops with steamed veggies and a baked sweet potato Snacks: A few slices of chorizo I'm going to try and log throughout the day and add to the post as I go. Also I think my hunger is beginning to stabilize and I'm craving sugar less and less althoug
  5. Wednesday, June 10th (Day 10) Breakfast: "cereal" bowl with pineapple, peaches, almond butter, pecans and nutmeg Lunch: Whole30 Chipotle bowl with veggies, steak, and chidken Dinner: beef, pepper and onion grilled souvlaki Snacks: Turkey Jerky (I found some with no added sugar or soybean oil at Walgreens) Cashews Watermelon 1/2 of Starbucks Matcha Latte (Non-compliant) I definitely bricked it with the latte, I asked for no sugar but I realized that there was added sugar in it about halfway though and painfully stopped
  6. Tuesday, June 9th (Day 9) Breakfast: poached eggs with avocado and sweet potato hash and homemade ketchup Lunch: roast beef "sandwich" with pepper bun and mustard; leftover sweet potato hash Dinner: turkey burger with broccoli and apple sauce Snack: pineapple and coconut cream turkey cold cuts and chorizo I've been dropping the ball with logging lately - I need to get back into doing it daily! Also despite how difficult it was I did manage not to eat past 8pm on Tuesday and was glad about it in the morning.
  7. Monday, June 8th (Day 8) Breakfast: peach, pineapple blackberries and pecans with a splash of almond milk Lunch: asian tuna salad endive cups Dinner: chicken souvlaki with grilled peppers Dessert: pineapple and coconut cream Snacks: handful of cashews handful of dates spanish chorizo and turkey breast roast beef with sesame oil and apple cider vinegar baked sweet potato
  8. Thanks! essentially what you just said is a form of intermittent fasting. When I did it before I set aside an 8-hour eating window (usually noon to 8pm) during which I would eat, and I wouldn't consume any calories outside that window, and I definitely noticed the benefits. I think I may try that after my second week is complete since I don't want to rush the adjustment.
  9. Sunday, June 7th (Day 7) Brunch: dinosaur egg (baked avocado with egg in the middle) with thick cut bacon Dinner: Antipasto salad (romaine, tomato, balsamic vinaigrette, ham, salami, prosciutto) Snacks: Chia pudding with dates, blackberries and a banana Apple sauce with cinnamon and raisins Pineapple with coconut cream Spiral "fries" with homemade Whole30 Ketchup Soft boiled eggs Thoughts: I think my hunger is beginning to stabilize - I ate a lot this past Saturday and that satiety seems to have carri
  10. Saturday, June 6th (Day 6) Lunch: 2 eggs over zucchini noodles with turkey and asian dressing (sesame oil, chili paste, garlic, apple cider vinegar Dinner: bowl of leftover meat sauce and baked spiral potato "fries" Snacks: Picnic with pineapple, strawberries, plantain chips, apple chips, and cashews (ate throughout afternoon and evening) Watermelon Coconuts (drank straight from the coconut) 2x medium Duncan iced coffees with almond milk non-compliant Expresso with acacia sweetener non-compliant Thoughts:
  11. Friday, June 5th (Day 5) Breakfast: eggs and turkey over arugula with lime and olive oil Lunch: grilled turkey breast with almond pesto (leftovers) and two pineapple slices Dinner: homemade beef tomato sauce over zucchini noodles with baked homemade "fries" Dessert: chia pudding with dates, blueberries and a banana Snacks: peach and handful of cashews small bowl of meat sauce 3 pieces of salami slices of pineapple Thoughts: I was so hungry all day on Friday and had a lot of snacks. I'm hoping that my hunger
  12. Glad to hear it gets normalized! Thanks for the encouragement. I haven't posted the past two days but I've been keeping up with it still!
  13. Day 4: Breakfast: Chia pudding with banana and blueberries Lunch: beef burger with avocado and egg on top Dinner: grilled chicken and sauteed spinach and squash with an almond/sesame oil pesto (amazing) Dessert: Pineapple, applesauce and a few dates Snacks: Small arugala salad with turkey breast Rolled turkey breast with mustard 1/2 pepper "sandwich" with roast beef and mayo stuffed inside Pineapple Thoughts: I've been feeling great on Whole30 so far. I was extra hungry yesterday but I'm not going to
  14. Day 3: Breakfast: chia "pudding" with blueberries, bananas, and almond butter Lunch: arugula salad with roast beef and turkey; lime juice and homemade guacamole Dinner: cauliflower rice, roasted squash, turkey burger with guacamole Dessert: bowl of fruit (pineapple, banana, frozen peaches) Snacks: chia "pudding" with cocoa powder and cinnamon chia "pudding" with pineapple slices zucchini noodles with cashews and whole30 spicy asian dressing Thoughts: I was feeling very well rested yesterday and surprisingly clear
  15. Update on Day 2: I got hungry and had an evening snack: snack: steamed broccoli with roast beef with a homemade dressing (apple cider vinegar, toasted sesame oil, garlic, chili paste) I also realized that the rice vinegar I used previously unfortunately has added sugar so that's getting the boot and I'll be replacing it with apple cider vinegar.
  16. Day 2: Breakfast: banana, blackberries, pecans, almond butter, coconut shavings, and almond milk in a bowl with an iced espresso w/ almond milk Lunch: zucchini noodles (my spiralizer came today!) with asian tuna salad (tuna, paleo mayo, garlic, chili paste, sesame oil, rice vinegar, curry powder, cilantro), cashews and sesame seeds Snack: Home brewed iced tea with orange and peach Dinner: pan seared salmon with ghee, garlic, lemon, dill over a bed of spinach with baked sweet potato spiral "fries" and Whole30 garlic aioli Dessert: fresh pineapple with whipped cocon
  17. Thanks for the support everyone! Here's my log for Day 1. I started tracking m food with the "ate" app and really like it so far. Breakfast: sweet potato, onion, pepper, two eggs with southwest seasoning sauteed in coconut oil; iced americano (black). Snack: handful of cashews and an orange Lunch: rolled turkey slices with homemade Whole30 mayo, spinach with oil and balsamic vinegar Dinner: grilled souvlaki-style chicken (marinated in garlic, lemon, thyme and oregano), roasted onions and peppers, steamed squash noodles Dessert: banana, almond butter, blackberries
  18. Hi Everyone! I'm Patrick and I'm starting the Whole30 tomorrow (Monday, June 1st 2020) with my mom. I have been back and forth with my health for a few years now. While I have been relatively health-conscious, I haven't achieved a sustainably healthy lifestyle that allows me to maintain my goals long-term. This is definitely a time of transition in my life: I am currently living at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, after which I will be relocating to LA for work. I was also recently in an accident that broke my collarbone that I am still recovering from. Since there's a lot of