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  1. My ugly epiphany regarding binge eating (having done my whole 30 over a year ago and weave it into my current diet) is rooted in one of the first comments in the book IASWF; it typically has to do with emotional eating, and IMHO, and what worked for me is getting at the root of the emotional issue and dealing with that, when that is addressed, my eating falls into place naturally. Re binge eating, I have never arrived, it is an ongoing struggle, but awareness and managing "emotional" issues seems to have been an excellent start for me. On top of that, by following the eating template, hunger should be satiated without feeling hungry or cranky when you have gone more than 3-4 hours without eating. So when emotionally I am healthy, and eating well, there is not need to go into the fridge or cupboards. Take what you can from my post, and others and arrive at your own conclusion about what might work best for you!
  2. Jenn B

    Kale chips

    Thanks for sharing KRCMommy! I bought a bag of precut Kale thinking I could find a way to use it (cause when I got it from my co-op in the large leaves, it just sat til it hit the compost.). The TJ store bought bag was on the edge of going bad, when a friend of mine was visiting from out of town; in talking I revealed my ignorance regarding doing anything appetizing with kale chips, and at her urgence, we made them right then and there. An ensuing relationship with homemade kale chips had begun.
  3. Jenn B

    Kale chips

    While this updated information is all nice and good, I think there is a difference between buying pre-made chips vs. making them homemade - as KRCMOMMY did. (I recall one moderator commented she only ate nuts with a shell so she had to work to eat them and would not eat as many, same sentiment with authentic homemade plaintain chips, the work makes you savor and value and portion the experience). Besides which, my "food with no breaks" depends on my hormonal state, emotional state and I can turn virtually any food into a food with no breaks: along side nuts, or fruit, I have turned grape tomatoes, red bell pepper... into FW/OB. I have seen posts where people question their love of cauliflower as being SWYPO! And though I agree that scarfing a bag of "sweets and beets" is not in the vein of whole 30, I think that it is up to the consumer. For some, nuts is a food without breaks, for others it is a sprinkling atop a salad or infused into a recipe. We have to decide ourselves what constitutes FW/OB. I too happen to love the kale chips! (with Trader Joes grind your own garlic salt) and I also love homemade sweet potato chips.
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    Applegate Farms Sunday Bacon

    Whole Foods now carries the brand Pendelton, which has no sugar and goes as far as putting on the label "Paleo friendly".
  5. Jenn B

    Pederson's Natural Paleo Bacon

    I just discovered this bacon at my local Whole Foods today, it is actually labelled "Paleo friendly" on the packaging! (I bought it)
  6. Jenn B

    Clawing my way back

    Probably not what you want to hear, but consider just re committing to another W30. I have been down a similar path and have now 100% committed to my second W30 (first one completed over a year ago, and stuck to it for many many months- then went off for many many months). I am on my 8th day. It is not easy for me considering how easy and motivated I was the first time around, but glad I am doing it.
  7. I am on day 3 of a second attempt at a 2nd whole30. My official second attempt I made it for 16 days. That was in the fall/early winter. I don't want to post publicly my downfall, but could stand support from someone in the same boat/"community". If you want to use the email system through this site, let me know...
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    Thai Chicken Curry

    You don't need to add anything to thicken the sauce!!! I use 1 can trader joes coconut milk (people complain it is too watery because it is the low fat, but its compliant and less expensive) 1 can of regular fat coconut milk, dump in curry powder (never measure) and mix well. Poor over 5-8 chx breasts and/or precut salmon and tons of cauliflower. Cook covered 350 for 1 hour plus. If you eat it immediately, it is not that thick, but still yummy. After a day, the caulifower aids in thickening it- breaks up- becomes like a stew, yet enough sauce to pour over steamed broccoli (broccoli does not cook well with the original batch, gets too mushy). This is my winter staple, it is super cold or warmed.
  9. Jenn B

    Carb Loading

    I am not sure when the transition took place. In the first few months of W30 as my body adjusted some workouts were such a struggle, others were great, I started sweating differently, different heart rate. There was no rhyme or rhythm and I was all over the map. On the long bike rides this year I definitely noticed when I was done, I was not tired, I was raring to go (whereas prior to W30, I had to sit, eat food with salt and was light headed). Do I "carb load"? No. Am I conscious to make sure I am eating sweat potato throughout the day, yes. I am in recovery and don't do anything extreme these days. Sweet pototatos, even when not working out, and eaten in medium portions with 1-2 meals a day give me a better feeling on a normal day. I cannot wait to get back into triathlons and see how the new way of eating serves me in an event. Not sure if I will carb load, probably would up the squashes and sweet p.
  10. Jenn B

    Have the rules on protein powder changed?

    I bought the RX bars, having only learned about them through the Whole9 site as approved and had my first one this weekend. I am not doing a whole30, but eat whole30 most of the time. Winter months I work as a weekend ski instructor and at times need something/snack in pocket (easy to eat on a chair lift) to get me through. I take hard boiled eggs/nuts, but was looking to break the monotony. I got the coconut/cacao bars. I would and not recommend them. They are like a meal, kept me satiated. Soo incredibly good, you can immediately tell they are fresh and real food. Too good. Distinguished from the Larabars or Kits bars in that they do have the egg white protein (the other bars don't have that fresh texture either), probably why I was completely satisfied on a blood sugar level. IMHO, RX bars are a slippery slope and hinge on food w/o breaks. They are better than any store bought bar I have ever purchased and homemade bars I have experimented with. On the flipside, as an emergency food kept in the car or something, would choose that over Larabars (which I don't care for anyhow).
  11. Jenn B

    Grab-and-go Breakfast

    The sweet potato crusted quiche sounds amazing! (as in, look forward to preparing one this week). dovely, I too start my work day (exceedingly) early by normal standards though do not eat upon arrival at work and dreaded trying to eat while driving. I have found a more tasty version of hard boiled eggs to be deviled eggs with homemade mayo, coupled with sliced raw vegetables such as red bell peppers...
  12. Jenn B

    Carb Loading

    I second the sweet potatoes! When I have an endurance day and eat sweet potatoes the night before, I have noticed a marked difference in my energy and recovery from before doing the whole30, to doing that (the sweet potato route) while eating whole30- and I was beyond my 30 days into months. Depending on how far along you are in your 30 days, you may have converted from being a carb burner to a fat burner, and I found being a fat burner is much more efficient (like I just feel better, in the sport, recovery...) It took my body beyond the 30 days though to adjust and for my brain to understand what my body was going through.
  13. I have been struggling with a similar issue and was contemplating posting on this forum. I did Whole30 last winter, and with little to no weight to lose, I lost weight. Maintaining just fine, BOOM, curtailed my exercise routine severely 3 or months later, early June, due to a bike accident head trauma/body injury. I happily maintained my mental clarity (relatively speaking) and weight through staying compliant. September brought some challenges and my neurologist put me on amatriptoline (elavil family) antidepressant/anti anxiety. I did not question anything meanwhile noticing weight gain, my clothes barely fit and I had to buy new ones. Trying to stay compliant meanwhile, I am bingeing like I have NEVER experienced in my life, and eating more. My last appointment neuro dr. felt I was not where I should be and wanted to place me on different meds. I left the office headed into Thanksgiving and ended up taking myself off the meds. (fearful of what I would do to my brain/body) but I did not agree with her diagnosis. I recommitted that day to staying compliant and within one day felt better. Mental acuity, energy back (meds tired me out)... I am not sure I am offering anything but my experience. I web searched the drug I am on, and though "studies" say 25% or less people experience weight gain, all the anecdotes I read, almost all of the people posting experiencing weight gain. The question I have and other posed was does the med slow down your metabolism, or are you just hungrier and eat more (one person said her brain sensor of when to stop was dulled-may explain my binging). I think the meds messed with my system because though I may have eaten a bit more fat or protein (and enough veggies) as per recommended, it was certainly not enough extra food gain 8 pounds in less than 3 months. Something else was going on. I was afraid to go off the medicine. About 4 weeks now off the medicine I am less symptomatic than when ON the medicine. The medicines helped me through a tough time, however, have left other issues to face, primarily for me getting to back to a comfortable weight. Today was the first time I weighed myself since after the accident in June- and though I knew my clothes did not fit, I was surpised. I think people's bodily responses to the meds and the Whole30 are all going to be different- I am clearly looking now for weight loss through whole30, however fear the medications impacted my system and it will take longer than I realize. As for constipation, the elavil did dehydrate me. No matter how much water I drank! Medical professionals have advised hydrate well as a means to combat constipation. In the middle of all this I felt "regular", however through xrays of my spine, discovered my colon was full of fecal matter.Really? I wasn't moving my bowels adequately? I start every morning off with a full glass of water! Constipation (with two children on occasion affected by it as well) is a tricky thing! But I suggest lots of water!
  14. Jenn B

    How to quit caring how much I weigh

    praxisproject, i am just curious, why did you cut out all cardio? thanks!
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    oil splash, i find if i wipe it with a cloth moistened with just super hot water immediately, it is way easier to clean. Do i ever get all of it, no, but less to look at. Othertimes, I just grin and bear having to look at it. (and mine is usually brown because i am heating chocolate chili on the skillet. splash covers work, but those have to be cleaned to, and i am lazy. this is gross, and may be unhealthy, but sometimes i don't clean the pans, and let them sit and use that as the oll for the next day. tasty. kind of like the wok back in the 80's. i have not gotten sick yet. and then there is the cleaning woman that comes occasionally. i spend so much time preparing food and tending to life that i have to pick and choose where my time goes.