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  1. Amanda1125

    Starting Over Again

    today is day 1 part 2. I made, it 11 days before I allowed two trips to the ER this weekend to give me an excuse to eat off plan. Reflecting back over the past 2 days, I think I could have done better. I allowed myself to give the excuse that since I'd been at the hospital all day I didn't have to cook dinner. I forgot take the chicken out of the freezer in the morning before I left and I allowed that frozen chicken to stop me from cooking. Next time I will take the chicken out the night before to set myself up for success the next day. I learned that you never know what the day or night will bring and to always be even more prepared than you think you need to be. Since I didn't cook Saturday, I didn't have lunch Sunday, and being at the hospital my choices were limited, but it was dinner that I truly failed. Dinner itself was on plan, I brought my own chicken breast to the bbq ate the vegetables and passed on the appetizers, but I used a very stressful weekend to tell myself I deserved a glass of wine with dinner which lowered my inhibitions and since I was already off plan, that gave me the excuse to have the dessert. Excuses. So here goes day 1, again.
  2. Amanda1125


    Day 3 of second w30. Does anyone have a good substitute or recipe for pizza? Friday is family pizza and movie night around here and while I have strength and willpower this week, two weeks from now I know it will be a serious struggle for me. Here is my idea, find a good recipe or compliant cauliflower crust, top with compliant marinara sauce (this is where I need your help with finding good ones), and all the veggies I have on hand, for protein I do have compliant sausage and/or bacon from whole foods that I can put on, but is there such a thing is compliant pepperoni? I don't think I'll miss it if there isn't. Thanks for the help!
  3. Amanda1125

    redo June 8th

    Same here! Started Yesterday, here's to a better version of us. *Cheers*
  4. Amanda1125

    Starting on June 1

    @Patty526 I'm on day 1 round two, had great success both nonscale and scale victories. It's been almost two years since my first whole30 so I'm treating this second round just like the first. Even rereading the books. This time around I'm also looking into realplan, but wondered if you can tell me a little more about it. Does the program actually make plans for you or am I just picking recipes off a website. I already do that with sites like Pinterest, and I'm not looking for more of the same. I'd like to log in and see the meals that have been planned for me, click accept or delete if I don't like something, and shop. I see that I can sign up on a monthly basis, but do you know if it's a terrible pain to cancel or switch to the quarterly or yearly option. Thanks so much! Take care
  5. Amanda1125

    Fish fajitas

    Made this recipe tonight over cilantro lime cauliflower rice and it was delicious!!