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    @Patty526 I'm on day 1 round two, had great success both nonscale and scale victories. It's been almost two years since my first whole30 so I'm treating this second round just like the first.  Even rereading the books.  This time around I'm also looking into realplan, but wondered if you can tell me a little more about it.  Does the program actually make plans for you or am I just picking recipes off a website.  I already do that with sites like Pinterest, and I'm not looking for more of the same.  I'd like to log in and see the meals that have been planned for me, click accept or delete if I don't like something, and shop.  I see that I can sign up on a monthly basis, but do you know if it's a terrible pain to cancel or switch to the quarterly or yearly option.  Thanks so much! Take care
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    Amanda1125 reacted to kirbz in Pizza?   
    Unfortunately, pizza, whether or not it is made with compliant ingredients, is not allowed on Whole30. It falls under the rule "Do not consume baked goods, junk foods, or treats with “approved” ingredients."
    See here for more information: 
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this is probably something best save for your Food Freedom! I highly recommend that you take something else delicious to eat for family movie night. You may not be able to have pizza but perhaps it's an opportunity to prepare something else delicious! I have lots of excellent recipe recommendations if you'd like! 
    Here's are two of my recent favorites: 
    Whole30 Chicken Nuggets (Chic-fil-A style): Whole30 In N Out Burgers:   
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    You can google 'well fed meatza' which is a meat and vegetable dish seasoned with pizza flavorings (the 'crust' is actually a giant flat baked hamburger patty).
    @kirbz is right tho, there is no crust that is made with compliant ingredients that will work - cauliflower crust is great for food freedom but does cross the line of recreating baked goods which is not allowed.
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    Yum! We're always looking for new things to do with fish and this looks delicious!