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  1. I'm on Day 4 and I can say that sometimes meal prepping can blow up in your face. I tried a "breakfast bake" with some ingredients I had on hand and it was just the worst thing ever , so there goes my pre-planned breakfast for the next few days. I actually had to stop my husband from trying it, it would ruin my credibility as the chef in the house! Day 3 - Meal 1 - Gross breakfast bake, couldn't finish it Meal 2 - Salad with chicken and balsamic vinaigrette Meal 3 - Salmon with Roasted vegetables Day 4 - Meal 1 - cauliflower soup with shredded chicken
  2. Most of my adult life, my weight has been pretty steady. So when I gained over 10 pounds despite workouts and "diets" I thought something hormonal might be off (I'm at that age where this could be the case.) I contacted a naturopath who said she could help me "make some tweaks" to my diet and give me some supplements, for $4000 over three months. Ummm, sorry? "Tweaking my diet" seems like something I can do on my own. For Free. After reading It Starts With Food - I figured it out. What I thought was eating healthy (throw in some intermittent fasting, and some foods where I have no