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  1. Finishing up the Whole30 with the BEST BREAKFAST EVER and wanted to share it with whoever stumbles across this post... Breakfast of Champions (Skillet Hash) Prep time 5 min Cook time 25-30 min Ingredients: 1 Whole Russet Potato (Medium) 1 C. Spinach 3 Humanely Raised Eggs 4 Pieces of Whole30 Compliant Bacon (you won't need to add salt to this recipe because the bacon is salty!) 1 tsp. EVOO Kitchen Tools: Skillet Knife Cutting Board *Air Fryer (Optional, see tip) Instructions: Wash potato & dice into small cu
  2. @cdsommer & @Patty526 Yes! Sugar and carb cravings have disappeared for me. My friends baked cookies in the oven and ate them in front of me, but honestly, I didn't want one at all! So CRAZY. Can't believe we're in the home stretch now!! I just read the reintroduction instructions. I'm a little nervous to reintroduce, but I'm looking forward to seeing what does (and doesn't) work for me after whole30.
  3. Hi @cdsommer I just saw your post- I also started Whole30 on June 1st. I also feel like I had a daily happy hour where I gave into my cravings... now that I'm 15 days in, the Whole30 has changed the game. I don't crave dessert anymore(!!). I find myself pretty hungry after breakfast still. I eat a HUGE breakfast... but I guess I'm just super hungry in the mornings? How are you doing?
  4. Welcome, Emillage!! I am halfway through my first Whole30, and wanted to encourage you. You've totally got this. I love that you're "ready for changes!" This is a great vision to cling to for the next 30 days. Meal prepping is key. Whole30 gets hardest when you don't know what to eat when you're super hungry. Find your keystone ingredients. For me, it's eggs, meat, and potatoes. Everyday. But, they keep me full. Remember, you've got this.
  5. When I was reading the grocery list in the Whole30, I was puzzled by the list of nuts & seeds to have "occasionally" or to "limit." In my pre-whole30 mind, I thought walnuts were super healthy (as well as almonds/almond butter.) I would love to know the science, the "Why" behind the grouping of this list (see image). Why are some nuts & seeds better than others? And, why do certain nuts & seeds need to be limited? I'm curious... and... to be honest, I just love walnuts! haha Thanks for taking the time to read this!