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  1. Thanks— I suppose I should actually read the book to start with! But what you are saying makes a lot of sense. For me, I am thinking of reversing the meal profile, just to work with me and my schedule, once I have classes to teach again. I am thinking of making lunch and dinner be mostly Whole30-ish, and having more “conventional” breakfast menus — add a slice of toast or some grits with the eggs, or porridge. Lunches and dinners are a lot easier for me to create on the guidelines than breakfast was. There were a few days when I never had breakfast at all because nothing sounded appealin
  2. Thank you— I have already done reintroduction, but I am planning to do another round in September, if we can afford it (I won’t have a job next semester). One thing I do know is that my sleep cycles are chaotic and I tend to stay up ridiculously late for no obvious reason other than being nocturnal or something. But that also is a known behavior pattern with ADHD, so my hope is if I can get my sleep patterns realigned that will help things go better in the next round.
  3. I do know that weight loss per se Is not the main purpose of Whole30– but my PCP is keeping records of my weight and blood pressure numbers. I know we aren’t supposed to care about the numbers on the scale, but That’s what my doctor cares about — they aren’t interested in NSVs (not quantifiable). So, reintroducing went well and was uneventful— no reaction to any of the things. Food Freedom sounds great— but presently I have a little “food fear” instead because I lost ~6 pounds in the month. I want to keep losing gradually, and I don’t want to gain it back (otherwise the whole projec
  4. Hey, it’s my last day of Round 1, so tomorrow is Day 31 and beginning of Re-Intro... right? It went okay, as far as I can tell. Got through the 30 days without “cheating” or slip-ups, or resorting to SWYPO stuff. Still, kind of vaguely bummed out. I have read a lot of success stories by people, and I guess I was expecting more dramatic things to happen or change. I just went through the list of #NSV victories to check some off, only... there’s nothing I can check off. Not a thing on that whole list is anything I have observed in me. I haven’t rechecked my BP yet, though, so that mi
  5. Sprouts Shredded Hash Browns, in their freezer case. Ingredients: Organic Potatoes. Happy dance!
  6. Yes! To my great happiness, I found that Sprouts store brand frozen shredded potatoes are just exactly what it says on the package: organic potatoes. Nothing more. Happy dance!