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  1. Thanks— I suppose I should actually read the book to start with! But what you are saying makes a lot of sense.

    For me, I am thinking of reversing the meal profile, just to work with me and my schedule, once I have classes to teach again. I am thinking of making lunch and dinner be mostly Whole30-ish, and having more “conventional” breakfast menus — add a slice of toast or some grits with the eggs, or porridge. Lunches and dinners are a lot easier for me to create on the guidelines than breakfast was.  There were a few days when I never had breakfast at all because nothing sounded appealing and I didn’t have time to cook or create stuff.

    Appreciate the encouragement, and I will start by borrowing the book and go from there. :)

  2. Thank you— I have already done reintroduction, but I am planning to do another round in September, if we can afford it (I won’t have a job next semester).

    One thing I do know is that my sleep cycles are chaotic and I tend to stay up ridiculously late for no obvious reason other than being nocturnal or something. But that also is a known behavior pattern with ADHD, so my hope is if I can get my sleep patterns realigned that will help things go better in the next round.

  3. I do know that weight loss per se Is not the main purpose of Whole30– but my PCP is keeping records of my weight and blood pressure numbers.  I know we aren’t supposed to care about the numbers on the scale, but That’s what my doctor cares about — they aren’t interested in NSVs (not quantifiable). 

    So, reintroducing went well and was uneventful— no reaction to any of the things. Food Freedom sounds great— but presently I have a little “food fear” instead because I lost ~6 pounds in the month. I want to keep losing gradually, and I don’t want to gain it back (otherwise the whole project was to no purpose).  But it also says that we aren’t supposed to stay on W30 forever. 

    What should I do next?




  4. Hey, it’s my last day of Round 1, so tomorrow is Day 31 and beginning of Re-Intro... right?

    It went okay, as far as I can tell. Got through the 30 days without “cheating” or slip-ups, or resorting to SWYPO stuff.

    Still, kind of vaguely bummed out. I have read a lot of success stories by people, and I guess I was expecting more dramatic things to happen or change.  I just went through the list of #NSV victories to check some off, only... there’s nothing I can check off. Not a thing on that whole list is anything I have observed in me. I haven’t rechecked my  BP yet, though, so that might be one.  It’s evening, so I did weigh out of curiosity and it shows a 4-pound loss since early June. 

    I don’t feel bad, but I don’t feel amazing either. I feel basically the same as I did a month ago. What now?

  5. On 1/8/2019 at 9:51 AM, pags98 said:

    In my opinion this seems along the lines of a lot of the sweet potato hashes and such that are out there.  The cranberries though - be careful I have YET to find a dried cranberry that doesn't have sugar in some form.  I keep looking but no dice and I sure would love to add them to salads every now and then!


    You’re now in luck, maybe— dried cranberries exist without added sugar, per se, except for apple juice concentrate. 

  6. Low carb?? No, that’s not the concept.  Whole30 is definitely *not* a low carb regimen, not with all the potatoes, carrot, sweet potatoes and fruit in the meal plans. 

    In fact, one of the moderators says she has two potatoes a day on Whole30. This blows my mind, but she says she feels better with that.  

  7. Thanks for the advice! Some good ideas there— I found some soy-less canned tuna, so I might be able to snarf some of that, and an orange and some walnuts, maybe, in my 15-minute break/“passing period”. I can’t do a salad then, though, as it takes me too long to eat it. Yesterday I precooked some nice chicken strips, and I will have a couple of those today, along with a couple of apricots — my favorite fruit of all. 

    There’s a recipe for Green Pea soup, using fresh Or frozen peas, butter, in the Frugal Gourmet Cooks American book, that I really like. If I add a bit of potato or tapioca, it should work without the roux. That sounds like something I can deal with first thing in the morning. Right now I am having scrambled eggs with spinach that I picked in my garden twenty minutes ago, along with an apricot and half an avocado.  (I love soft boiled eggs, but I am not going to make them during my W30 because boiled eggs (to me, anyway) have to go with toast to dip in the yolks...)

    Are we allowed to share recipes here? My mom’s Baked Beef Stew is amazing and compliant, as long as one uses tomato juice sans added sugar.... good beef, scads of veggies.

  8. Hello, everyone— 

    I’m Rhonda, but I usually go by RK online. 

    I am a Whole30 beginner, and for me this is Day 5– I started on June 10. One of the reasons I decided to start right now is that I live in Denver, Colorado, and June is apricot season! I am *demented* about apricots and peaches, two of our local specialty fruits. However, a sudden late frost at the beginning of May probably wiped out 80% of this year’s peach crop... alas.

     I am doing Whole30 because my weight isn’t budging much at all, and in the last six months my BP has gone up into the “borderline/high” range, and I really, *really*, REALLY do not want to end up on BP meds like my mother was. I also have ADHD, which Doesn’t Help At All with impulsive eating behaviors. Also, because of that, I really hate monotony— my DH can cheerfully eat exactly the same thing every morning, and does. That’s not me. I love eggs, and I like potatoes, but not every morning! So I want to find some other things that I can have for breakfast.  So far, I have observed that it’s not currently the sugar dragon that is roaring at me, but the Cheese Monster and her henchman the Bread Gremlin.

    One challenge for me this summer is that I teach at a community college, and I have two classes back to back Tuesdays and Thursdays. So I am at work (online in a videoconference) from 10:30 to 3:15 on those days, with a 15-minute break between the first and the second class. I haven’t figured out how to manage lunch on those days. 

    Hope everyone is doing well on this hot Sunday afternoon!