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  1. accountablescience looks questionable in and of itself. must be a carnivore vegan thing.
  2. I use these as a guide: dirty dozen clean fifteen
  3. I'm just finishing a beef broth batch using a 7 quart crock-pot - 48 hours on low.
  4. I am always interested in the various methods of lifestyle (re: diet, and the rest of it) changes from the standard American diet (SAD). Like the title says, I have been off the SAD since March 30, 2018. I remember clearly what happened; I was reading Gary Taubes' 2010 book Why We Get Fat And What to Do About It, and before I finished it, I cut carbs, sugar, stopped eating bread, and the rest is history. I like spreading the word, and I believe every plan has it's benefits. I like to know more rather than get trenched in with a specific set of rules. Learning more, taking the best, and no