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  1. Krystle0806

    Whole30 Progress

    I started my journey 6/25, today is day 6. I can honestly say I feel pretty good. I was GF before and I think that because of that I am used to finding substitutions for foods and eliminating things from my diet. I had a lot of the pantry items already so shopping was just making sure I had good meats, and I am adding more squash and potatoes than I am used to eating. Plus I really enjoy cooking. I have tried a few recipes on the website and from the cookbook. Just FYI some of the instructions online are lacking steps in the process and the recipes could really use some more spices to add to the flavors of the meals. There are a lot of spices that are W30 compliant so why aren't they incorporated more!? I am glad I am good at adding them on my own otherwise I would be kind of disappointed in the flavors of the meals I have made so far. Don't be afraid to add more spice! I have also been using Xantham Gum as a thickener and it is a little gummy, so I need to play with that substitution a little more and figure our the right balance. One big success for me at the moment, is that my bowel movements are starting to normalize. I still have issues after taking my anxiety medication, it seems to bother my stomach a lot if I don't take it with very carb dense meals so I need to play a little more with the foods I eat or the times that I take the medication, but it is really nice to have pretty solid poops most of the time. That is a WIN! One down side is my energy levels. I am used to working out a lot and at high intensity. I have had some trouble maintaining my energy levels to put the work in that I usually do. I do enjoy the POW meals but have trouble eating before the workout, so i am trying to plan workouts pretty soon after regular meals. The post meals are not hard, I keep some Epic Chicken Jerky bits that I keep in my car and snack on them after my workout, delicious! I did do a big backpacking trip this past weekend and definitely did not have enough calories for the 30 miles w/ a 30lb pack on, that we did in 2 days. So I will need to work on the kinds of food I am packing and make sure I have enough calories to complete the harder activities and boy do I miss fresh veggies and fruits when I am backpacking. Overall I can see incorporating this eating style long after my 30 days are over.
  2. Krystle0806

    anyone ever start around their birthday?

    Thank you for all your help! I tried out the instant potatoes backpacking this weekend, made myself a dehydrated type meals and it was pretty good! Happy eating!
  3. Krystle0806

    anyone ever start around their birthday?

    I love cooking so I'd love some suggestions!
  4. Krystle0806


    Thank you so much for sharing I really appreciate this! I will definitely be using your recommendations.
  5. Krystle0806


    Hello there! Today is day one for me, and I need some tips/ideas on what foods I can bring backpacking. I basically backpack every weekend at the moment w/ my boyfriend who is training for a through hike on the JMT. Usually I bring dehydrated foods, for the light-weight easily prepared meal option. When you have to carry all your own gear on your back for 6+ miles multiple days in a row you think about these things. I am looking for suggestions on meal ideas with food that won't go bad, that I can pack to take with me. I can easily prepare snacks, olives, bars, nuts, ect... but I am a little stumped on what to do for actual meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Foods that won't weigh ton's and spoil during out trips. All suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  6. Krystle0806

    Making the Commitment

    After some much sole searching, receiving some encouraging words on this forum, reading the Whole30-Day Guide book and all the PDF's, cleaning out my pantry, and spending 3 hours at the grocery store I have decided today is my day one! One or two things I have learned: -I have done hard things and this one will not be one of them. -I thought I ate pretty healthy before but never realized that there is sugar in so many foods. I spent so much time at the grocery store reading labels and was SO surprised at the many, many things that have added sugar. Foods I never really even thought about! -If you are looking for inspiration, read through some of the testimonials on the forum for Whole30 success stories. I was convinced after reading several posts that this is right for me. So excited to share my journey with other followers!
  7. Krystle0806

    anyone ever start around their birthday?

    First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you for the words of encouragement. I decided to start today myself, after 3 hours of grocery shopping yesterday. Good luck to you and have a wonderful day
  8. Krystle0806

    HELP! I don't like most of the approved foods!

    Have you looked at the premade meals for whole30? There are like 4 platforms that deliver meals and you can find the links on this website. That might be worth a try! I would say if you do go that route try and incorporate a little of one of the foods you don't like each time and start training your tastes to enjoy things you are not used to eating. Did you get a chance to read the book? I was able to download it through my local libraries app and read it on kindle. I am still reading mine but I must says It is incredibly helpful, I am about to start my first round this week. There are a ton of tips and tricks about snacking/or not. Filling yourself up on your meals and strategies to get through the Whole30 plan. What each day looks like on Whole30, maybe some of what you are experiencing is normal? It seems like so much of this is a matter of will. What is it worth to you to try and eat this way? As my mom used to tell us when we didn't want to eat our veggies "if you truly are that hungry, you will eat it". haha
  9. I'm reading the book, taking notes and have my list of "to do's" in preparation to start but my birthday is July 7th and I'm wondering if I should hold off. I'm already gluten free, so I won't be eating cake but am considering waiting until after. Just looking for inspiration to start sooner. I'm starting this journey because I have digestion issues and am really hoping for the relief this plan can bring. Also, I take a anxiety medication that can upset my stomach if not taken with adequate carbs. Anyone have similar issues and so have success with this plan? Thanks for your comments and thoughts!!