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  1. I'm buying the peaches by the case from the farm, so I don't get to choose the stage of ripeness of each peach - in general, some are going to ripen faster than others, but there are enough that ripen at the same time that I'm trying to keep from browning once I slice them so that we can eat them fresh. I'm trying to find a way to keep them fresher longer after I've sliced them up. There are non-Whole30 ways to do it, but I'm hoping someone from the community may have found a solution that I don't have.
  2. One of my FAVORITE summer foods is fresh, peeled & sliced South GA peaches - YUM! I tend to peel and cut them up in batches (because kinda like avocados, they tend to ripen all at once). When I'm on a Whole30, I don't have a good method to prevent them from browning until I can eat them. I tried squeezing a lemon over them, and that maybe worked for a day, but changed the flavor of the peaches. When I'm not on a W30, I use whipped cream or sugar to prevent browning, but that's not allowed when I'm on one. I looked into using "Fresh Fruit" but it seems that it contains dextrose. I'm a