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  1. The ingredients are: Cashew milk, coconut cream, grass fed collagen, MCT oil, potassium phosphate, calcium carbonate, sunflower lecithin, sodium citrate and gellan gum. It also says : contains 1.5% or less of Acacia gum. Thanks
  2. Can I have PicNik Unsweetened collagen creamer in my coffee? Made from Grass Fed collagen and MCT Oil. Thanks
  3. Thanks. Assuming plantains are allowed as well?
  4. Wondering if yucca is allowed on Whole30? Either baked in the oven or boiled/ or steam them in the IP. Thanks
  5. Hi there.. I have my gallbladder removed a few years ago. To support with digestion/absorption, I take Glutagenics which contains Aloe Vera. Wondering if the ingredients listed below are compliant with Whole 30. Today is day 1 for me. I feel good so far. In the past, I take glutagenics (one scoop) maybe 4-5x a week. Hopefully I will be taking less Glutagenics after day 30. Here's the product I use: Please let me know Thanks!
  6. It says: grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine hide collagen peptides. It also says free of sugar, soy, preservative, dairy, gluten and Keto friendly. Thanks
  7. Is Thrive brand Whole 30 compliant? I'm wondering if I can add a scoop to my morning coffee and go workout afterwards. I don't like having food in my stomach when I exercise. So I'm wondering if I can add this to give a little protein boost. Going to start on Sunday.