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  1. Hello. I read through the entire Whole30 book as well as the sneaky sugar list on the website and did not see anything about caramel color not being allowed. I used organic beef broth that lists that as an ingredient but says 0g of sugar. I saw some people posting in the forum that it was a form of sugar. I’m wondering if I ruined my Whole30....
  2. Hello! My boyfriend and I are reading through the Whole30 books and are about to start the program soon. We were just looking at our vitamins that we take everyday and trying to decide if they were okay or not. He takes the Garden of Life Vitamin Code Men multivitamin and we noticed it seems okay other than it says the Zinc and the Manganese come from brown rice chelate. Does that mean he can’t take them? I take the New Chapter every woman’s one daily multi. They are fermented and it says the ferment media includes organic soy flour. I’m assuming this means I can’