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  1. I'm on R1D29, getting ready for my reintroduction and feeling stuck. Last November, I started cutting out soy and dairy after realizing that they were contributing to my digestive distress. I cut out gluten a few months later, recognizing that all of my problems hadn't gone away. I felt really deprived by the number of things I couldn't have, and it caused me a lot of stress and anxiety, on top of not being able to sleep with my diet change. I continued to cheat with regularity, eat unhealthy, and put on weight instead of feeling better- so I decided to do my first Whole30. I feel like I finally got into my groove with Whole30, and then I looked at 50 bread bun ingredient lists to try to find something for reintroduction, and I'm feeling pretty down. I was able to conquer my sugar dragon and my massive sugar cravings, but I still want to reintroduce because I want food freedom, not constantly being on round. But after being comfortable with being on round, I'm getting stressed over reintroduction- mostly because of my previous/existing food intolerances. Here's where my brain is while I'm meal planning for the next week: Has anyone else felt anxiety for reintroducing after feeling good through the Whole30? Would you reintroduce something that you were previously intolerant to? Is 30 days enough time to really heal, or should I just keep going without those foods because it feels better? What do you introduce for gluten that doesn't contain anything else? I can't find bread that doesn't contain soy or dairy, and I really don't want to cross my food groups, especially because they did mask each other before. Thank you for listening to my stressed rambling!