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    @DEW I have the Whole30 Slow Cooker cookbook so I counted for you and there are 32 Instant Pot recipes in it. :-) So this would be an option for reliable Instant Pot recipes if you want an actual cookbook. 
    That being said, there are lots of recipe bloggers that have free Instant Pot recipes online. Here are some of my favorites (though I can't vouch for the Instant Pot recipes because I don't have one): 
    Paleo Running Momma:  Nom Nom Paleo:
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    @sushisomeday way to go!  Congratulations!  Your story gives me encouragement!  Good for your daughter!  
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    DEW reacted to sushisomeday in Day 4 after a year as an intermittent fasting vegetarian   
    Today is my Day 30!  I woke up this morning feeling really good.
    I wake up before my alarm every day.
    My energy level is pretty much the same.
    I feel hungry before breakfast. I actually eat a breakfast now, and that’s a big change.
    I feel tired at about the same time each night. I get a deeper sleep.
    I no longer need to take OTC allergy meds. I had an oral allergy to bananas and apples that seem to have disappeared.
    My clothes fit better. I stepped in the scale today and note I lost 5 lbs but I can tell it’s different than “normal” - I can see my jawline. I have loose pants. My body digs into the bed differently. 
    I have been apprehensive about what reintroduction will be like, but because my family is on their Day 15, I figure I would go the slow route and take my time. In the week ahead I will try added sugar. 
    On a separate note, my T1D kid’s endocrinologist is so impressed at how well managed her blood glucose numbers have been. 95+% of her weeks have been in target range. That’s not ever happened. She’s cleared up a dry patch on her skin and her moods are happier. I am so so grateful for this change!