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  1. I just started my first W30 in July. We also listed our house for sale. I am frustrated at trying to cook (or not to cook) around the time we may have a viewing. Even the slightest sautéing can leave lingering smells. We mostly grill but for side dishes... same challenge. So we decided to eat out more ... last thing I want to do during W30. I end up ordering a Cesar salad- hold the croutons, the Parmesan and the dressing. I’m left with Romaine... which fortunately I love. Arrrrgh.
  2. I think almost any ingredient ending in with the suffix ‘—ose’ is a sugar. And when I was double checking myself before I posted, I found this insightful article: http://www.hungryforchange.tv/article/how-to-spot-sugar-on-food-labels
  3. Is there any guidance for daily Macronutrient ratio on W30? Currently I log on ‘MyFitnessPal’ and I have set daily targets as: Carbs 35% Protein 40% Fat 25%
  4. Glad for this ques. I just joined. I eat ‘Beyond Meat’ because it doesn’t contain Soy like ‘Impossible Burger’. Now that I read the veg Reset I’m considering organic, grass-fed beef. But the sources require subscription or volume purchases and I just can’t commit to that much animal protein.
  5. I’m Edi and my friend Grace introduced me to W30. I started July 6 & as a vegetarian (sometimes pescatarian) it’s challenging when my protein sources mainly came from beans, legumes & plant based products with soy. I am considering re-visiting organic, grass-fed beef during this 40-dy program but most of the places are subscription or you need to buy in bulk. Trying to work it all out but excited about the possibilities.