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  1. @Jillspin - Did your gout symptoms ever resolve? If so, how long did it take? I'm on Day 8 of my first Whole 30, and my boyfriend started experiencing gout symptoms on Day 3. By Day 7, he couldn't walk. He's a nurse so "wait and see" is not a viable option for us right now. He's going to eat whatever his heart wants for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, but join me with Whole 30 dinners. Internet research has been less than helpful with mostly anecdotal advice.
  2. Hi Gronewold, I was wondering if you had an update on how you handled your situation. I hope you're feeling better now and no longer having any symptoms. We started our Whole30 journey on 7/6, and my boyfriend had the exact same issue you are having. Like you, I did some basic internet research and couldn't really find the answers. He started experiencing symptoms in his big toe on Day 3 and by Day 6/7, it was painful for him to walk. Normally, he might have tried to stick it out, but he is a nurse and spends his time on his feet. Yesterday, he discontinued Whole 30, and going