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  1. Before I started on Whole30, I was drinking Isagenix protein shakes for lunch. I don't know if anyone knows about Isagenix or not but I am wondering if the shakes are Whole30 compliant or not. I've looked at the ingredients but I'm not sure. I have a Whole30 app on my phone that I can use to scan barcodes and it will tell me if the food is Whole30 compliant or not and if not, it will tell me what ingredient(s) are not compliant. I scanned my Isagenix protein container and it said Approved and then not found.
  2. I'm on day 12 of Whole30 and I'm discouraged. For the most part, I've been feeling better on Whole30. I haven't had a headache during that time. I do feel like I have more energy. I'm not as hungry anymore because I'm not having sugar. I'm discouraged because yesterday and today I've been more tired for some reason. I don't know if that's common around day 12 or not.
  3. Is there a whole30 recommended phone app? At one point, I was doing the keto diet and used the carb manager app. Is there something similar to that that I can use??
  4. I am 57 years old and for the past few months I have been feeling horribly physically which is making me super depressed. I am tired all the time. I've been trying to work on my nutrition because I feel like that's why I don't feel good. I have no energy and just don't feel good. Have other people experienced what I'm going through? And if so, did whole30 work for you. I'm tired of not feeling good.