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  1. Hello! I'm on day 16 of my first Whole 30 and ate out for the first time yesterday. I went to Chipotle and got a salad with grilled chicken, grilled onions and peppers, mild salsa, and guacamole. After eating my salad, I got my first sugar craving since starting my Whole 30. Luckily, I took the cleaning out the pantry tip to heart, so there wasn't anything for me to give in to because the craving was intense, however, I'm wondering why eating something I didn't make myself made me feel this way? Anyone else have the same reaction when eating foods not cooked at home? The craving and eati
  2. Hello Anna! Yes, I definitely plan to keep going. I just can't wait to get to the part where I start to feel a little better. Thank you for your words of encouragement!
  3. Hello everyone! Today was my first day of Whole 30 and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Hopefully, tomorrow will get a little easier.