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  1. Day 7, 7 pm: Still on track Well, it was a near miss tbh. Went through the mall and there it was: Big Ad for the PSL. I normally drink at least 1 PSL/ season. Instead of buying myself that or buying other junk food that I normally wouldn't eat I went to the drug store and bought myself a 10€ lipstick. My normal lipsticks cost around 2 € so... Still have to eat my last meal. I'm a bit pms'ing (I'm bloated like hell).
  2. Not UK, but from germany and I think we share similiar problems like: no Whole30 compatible sauces and where the hell do you get compliant sausage from? lol
  3. Day 7, 8.30 am Planned meals: Fried eggs, some bacon, some veg Veggie Soup with sausage Zucchini Noodles wit chicken breast Snacks: Banana, Chia Seeds How I feel: Good. Not really hungry. Most days I'm satiated the whole time. Don't have an specific cravings either. Mood's okay.
  4. Day 4, 4.30 p.m I think I know why this round is somewhat easier: Soups! I just throw a bunch of veggies into my Instant Pot let it cook for 90 Minutes and then puree it with some coconut milk/tomato passata etc. Since my kids find veggies "yuck, so gross!" I can eat from 1 pot for 2-3 days and then just start again. I think when I get my airfryer it will get even easier, because I will have to spend even less time in the kitchen (just cut my veg roughly and toss it in et voila some crisp veg!). Although I still have 3 weeks to go and who knows how I will feel about veggie soup
  5. Day 6, 7.30 am Planned to eat some leftover soup for breakfast, sadly my husband finished it. So back to basics for M1: Eggs, Banana, raisins and almondbutter ( no, it's not even remotely a pancake. It's scrambled eggs, a banana and raisins. M2: Pumpkin Potato Soup with some Meat M3: Sweet potato, veg, some meat How I feel: Tired, still a bit sick. Will sleep today and relax. Nearly one week done. Yay.
  6. I feel you on the picky eaters...really. Just do you best and you know? in the end it doesn't matter that much what you feed them as long as it's somewhat natural (it's a victory if they eat veg and fruits!). You give your best and that is good enough
  7. 5 PM. I'm so tired. Kids were little helllions and I really wanted something sweet. While the elder one was in her Music Lesson I went to a Cafe and ordered a double Espresso. Came home and ate the rest of a burger patty. Now I will shower and then cook my eggs and go to bed, because I feel like killing something. Sidenote: I struggled more on my last W30 tbh. Probably because I actually eat somewhat clean now on a normal day?
  8. Good Morning is Day 5. How I feel: Sleep wasn't restful, my elder kid woke up at around 4 am, didn't go back to sleep and has a real long day ahead of her. I'm already tired tbh and it's only 7.15 am. M1: Leftover soup with some meat from lunch yesterday. What I plan for my other meals: M2: Hamburger Patty, some veggies and boiled potatoes. M3: Scrambled eggs. Snacks: Banana and almond butter, Chia-Seeds (for constipation) Today will be my first real test of willpower: While my elder kid is going to her Music Class some mothers and me norma
  9. I feel you on your toddler! I actually have to cook separately because my kids only eat some foods (and the most veggies are not a part of it. The elder one is basically vegan at this point and prefers fruits, some uncooked veggies, bread and spaghetti). At least she decided to try my cooked foods.
  10. I feel you on the smaller meals. What I'm currently doing is: Cook bigger meals and eat one part as Main Meal and eat a smaller portion + fruit as a snack in between meals. If I was you I wouldn't stress about the chia pudding (I do eat it on my normal diet, not as a substitute for rela pudding, but because I dislike eating chia seeds straight, it's filling and an easily prepped breakfast. If you try to do a "perfect" W30: You can just eat 1 tbsp of chia seeds (or grounded flex seeds) and drink about 400 ml of water right behind it (don't forget to drink, because otherwise you will get
  11. How are you holding up, MadyVanilla? I hope you're still going strong
  12. So, it 2 p.m. Just had M2: Pumpkin and Sweet Potatoe Soup (w Coconut Milk) and 1 Hamburger Patty. Couldn't find the Köttbullar, so I picked some compliant Cevapcici to eat as a snack Getting first symptoms if my Dyhidrosis on my hand and I don't know why because I really avoid all triggers...maybe because of my cold? Coould be that I have to go to the dermatist this week to check that out. Otherwise I don't crave any of my kids pasta or bread. That's good?
  13. Good Morning! It's 8.30 a.m and I just prepared M1: Eggs, Eggwhites, Courgettes, Champignons and Bacon. I don't feel good at all. I think I caught the flu. Not the keto kind because I do eat carbs everyday but the mundane one. My eczemas acting up a bit and I don't know why tbh because I eat really clean. Probably stress? I decided to buy more köttbullar (because great snack and easily prepared). Meals I plan on today: M2: Ground Beef, veggies and potatoes M3: Eggs, Cucumber, Banana Snacks (of necessary): Ants on a log, Bananas
  14. Would guess it's more about the placebo tbh. BCAAs are just 3 Aminoacids. But I know that EAAs (all 9 of the acids) are good for recovery after a strength workout. But quite honestly: As long as it works, it works
  15. Hello Rebecca! I don't know to be honest. I use the BCAA pulver dissolved in water while I work out. So it does taste like something and I also get the BCAAs. I think I don't need these tbh because I consume so much protein, it really was more for flavour. I miss my pre workout pump a bit more, because I noticed that I don't get my normal pump. But I will survive it. Only 27 day (about 7 workouts) to go.