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  1. Lucky you to be doing it together! Part of why I've put this off (excuse) is that my husband, while supportive of whatever I do, isn't interested in joining me, and is even more of a raging sugarholic. But that excuse isn't working any longer, so into the fray I go, knowing there will be non-compliant foods and eating going on in the house. Oh well! Maybe he'll see me having a good experience and results and join me for a round once I'm done.
  2. Hi, I'm a first timer to doing a Whole30. Have had the book for a few years, made some recipes, absorbed the information, figure I eat "clean enough" most of the time. But allergies are noticeable despite taking antihistamines (which kept them at bay for many months, with just a few rough patches. Now have some level of symptoms almost every day), and I know sugar is a big issue for me. So making the leap and committing to the next month of this. Would love to connect with others, especially anyone who's also a first timer.