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  1. Hey, Cathy-- Sorry for the delay in response...I didn't have internet at home for four days last week and I work a 12-hour shift, yada, yada, yada. Anyway, in my personal experience, being actively sabotaged is a zillion times worse than merely having to have one's willpower constantly at the ready against randomly-occurring temptation because of the underlying intent. I can say this, however, because I don't share living quarters with him and his "Let's go out for pasta right now!" whims. So I definitely feel for you having to witness the consumption of Nutella brownies right under yo
  2. Hey, Cathy-- I saw your post regarding a craving for texture. It might take me a few Whole30s to fully internalize why substitution with something Whole30-compliant is a no-no. I get it about SWYPO...but sometimes you are satisfied with just SWYPO! Oh, well--I am making myself play by the rules! I signed up for Real Plans also but have yet to make anything; I've got to trot to Whole Foods for some coconut aminos as the local and "fancier local" grocery stores don't have that. It's good to know that I've got Real Plans as ammunition for food boredom. I never really noticed myself
  3. Hi, CathyG! I, too, started on August 15, so I'm also on Day 7 right now, the second of the I Just Want a Nap days. I survived The Hangover Days by pre-stepping down my diet pop addiction before Day 1, and lived through Kill All the Things with a little lack-of-faith sadness--"Is this really going to work?"--rather than murderous rage. It may be because I work nights, or it may be because I wasn't a muffins-and-mocha-lattes type before, but I can't say I feel any more sleepy than usual. Anxious to feel fat-adapted. How's your food boredom? My real name is Stephany, by the way!
  4. Hey, Whole30 World! I'm so excited to be here! When I was young, I smirked at my parents' attitude toward food (comfort food? what's that? I was raised that food is fuel and/or medicine, but never fun or recreation!), but now I see that "garbage in, garbage out" is kinda true! With three out of four grandparents dying before they reached retirement age, how did my parents live into their 90s? (Mom is still with us.) Diet, of course! Whole30 embodies all of this, with two awesome additions: a scientific basis and customizability! In the long term, I will be retiring myself in about fi