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  1. This is my first post, I did read the various rules and did search unsuccessfully however it's entirely possible what I need to make an inquiry regarding has already been discussed and answered so if that's the case please let me know and I can take that route.

    My family and I have been doing whole 30 on and off for several years now. Recently my father was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer with a month to live, that was in December. I immediately switched him to completely whole 30 food however due to the unique situation and how cancer treatments effect each person differently it's not true whole 30 in the sense I use certain "SWYPO," type foods that are still compliant, but not technically. Things like allowing him to eat all the tree nuts, Rx bars, dried fruit, etc.. he will eat, that is when we can get him to eat. Here is where my dilemma comes in; I am 100% disabled myself so to help manage meals I decided to pay for the year of Real Plans. I am feeding between 6/8 up to 14 people a meal and this is not what I would call easy. I have purchased all the Whole 30 cookbooks written by Melissa. I use these books daily for meal planning but with the Real Plans website I just wanted to take the meals I had picked in the books and search for them within the website and then add them to the appropriate meal slot within the calendar. This is the kicker, those recipes are not available within Real Plans which doesn't make any sense in my opinion. I know about the ability to import recipes but again the book recipes I am unable to locate. I am hoping this is just an oversight on my part and this is easy I just haven't found to correct way to do such. Is this possible or Real Plans and Whole 30 specifically decided not to allow the meals within the Whole 30 books not to be options available for the Real Plans website? Thank you all for your time and help. Respectfully, JS

  2. All these are Whole30 approved on their own (ingredients verified compliant) however I am not sure if this is considered a snack as opposed to a meal. There's not always the time for quick meals and during the work day lunches can be tough. Would the following being eaten as a meal be compliant or no go? TIA

    prosciutto or pancetta, pistachios or almonds or another nut, blueberries, green olives, and cherry tomatoes. Each of these are in the quantities of a handful (average, not a heaping handful) with the meat portion being 4 - 6 pieces depending on the size.