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  1. Thanks Ginsky!

    Day 6
    Not sure if it's my hormones or W30, but I feel a little achy and foggy. I could only make it 2 miles on my run this morning. Energy feels a bit low. I recall there's some kind of adjustment period so I'm not really worried about this "lag," I'm just noticing it.


    And I just found this! So I guess I'm "normal," lol

    Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 8.54.57 AM.png

  2. Day 5

    Yesterday's menu: grilled beef patty, grapes, pistachios, grilled drumsticks, sweet pot, squash, olive oil, almond milk

    This past spring one of my neighbors gave me a cinnamon basil plant for my herb garden. It's a gorgeous plant with purplish-green leaves and it smells utterly calming. However, as much as I liked to look at it and smell it, I couldn't figure out how to use it -- until yesterday! I cubed and sauteed my sweet pot/yellow squash with olive oil and the cinnamon basil and it was delicious! I also ate some chicken, so tonight I can have steak again, LOL.

    This morning I walked to the clubhouse gym and did full-body strength training. I use the squat rack and Olympic bar for my entire workout. I'm going to try and run a mile later this evening. I want to run at least 1 mile every day. Then tomorrow, I'll try for a 3 mile run again.


    Weight Training
    exercise: weight x reps x sets

    Military press: 45 x 8 x 4
    Squat: 45 x 10 / 95 x 4 / 75 x 5 x 2
    Barbell row: 55 x 6 x 4
    Deadlift: 75 x 6 x 4
    Bench press: 65 x 4 x 4



  3. For me, just eating compliantly on W30 is plenty restrictive, so I'm not restricting myself in any other way. If I want to snack between meals, I just eat W30 snacks. I'm a grazer with a sweet tooth, so I snack on fruit. Maybe it's "too much" fruit, like over a serving size, but it's better than my normal go-to of cookies or candy. Today I ate waaaaay too many pistachios, but it wasn't chips or friend pickles dipped in ranch dressing, so I give myself a pass. I wonder if you tried allowing yourself to snack as much as you wanted on compliant foods if that would make a difference? Progress not perfection! :)

  4. Today is Day 4!!!!

    Day 3 menu: eggs, bacon, potato, veggies, banana, pineapple, NY strip

    I eat a lot of red meat. I grill it and try to buy lean cuts like sirloin or NY strip, but for my health it might be wise to throw in some chicken once in awhile. I do not like fish. It's weird because I used to love fish, but my taste buds have changed and now I can only stomach mild tasting fish that has some kind of creamy sauce on top. I do like pork chops and turkey and chicken -- I need to add more of that into my diet, but it's hard when you just love steak! I was craving something sweet last night so I ate some pineapple. 

    My goal today is to get out and run. Since May, I have been running at least a few times a week and for the first time in my life I can actually run 3 miles without stopping! At least I could last week ... We'll see what happens today. I'm going to try for 2 miles and push into 3 if my body is okay with it. I've learned to listen to my body when it comes to exercise. I've had way to many injuries not to. 

    Exercise has always been so much easier for me than diet. My battle is food and all the excuses and rationalizations I create to justify my unhealthy eating patterns. So even though running 3 miles is great, sticking to my eating plan for 3 days going on 4 is so much more of a triumph. 

  5. Hey there! I've really enjoyed reading your journal and can relate so much to some of your struggles. I, too, have a well and impaired version of myself. Just this morning, I deleted a stupid phone game app that I've been spending too much time on. I can also relate to all-or-nothing behavior and grabbing food when I don't want to deal with uncomfortable emotions. Basically, I just wanted to tell you that you're not alone. And thank you for your transparency and honesty. 

  6. Neglected to post the first 2 days, but today is Day 3!

    Day 1: eggs, sirloin, potato, veggies, nuts, almond milk
    Day 2: eggs, bacon, sirloin, potato, veggies, banana, peaches, almond milk

    Energy is still dragging but improving. Did a short walk/jog this morning and may go to the pool this afternoon. Need to grocery shop for dinner, not sure what's on the menu but hopefully something good.


  7. Greetings! I'm new to this place but not new to the W30. I've successfully completed it twice before and it helped my health and well being a lot! But .... I've fallen off track again over the past few years, so here I am again, starting over. 

    About me:  45 years old. Generally in good health besides my crappy diet. 

    What I want: More ENERGY. I feel tired all the time. I know my crappy diet is a huge factor. Also hoping to drop a few pounds, but how I feel is more important. 

    My plan is to keep it simple. Lots of grilled meat and veggies, eggs, nuts, potatoes, salads. 

    Logging daily will be important for accountability. I may also log some workouts. 

    That's all for now!