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    For me, just eating compliantly on W30 is plenty restrictive, so I'm not restricting myself in any other way. If I want to snack between meals, I just eat W30 snacks. I'm a grazer with a sweet tooth, so I snack on fruit. Maybe it's "too much" fruit, like over a serving size, but it's better than my normal go-to of cookies or candy. Today I ate waaaaay too many pistachios, but it wasn't chips or friend pickles dipped in ranch dressing, so I give myself a pass. I wonder if you tried allowing yourself to snack as much as you wanted on compliant foods if that would make a difference? Progress not perfection! 
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    Day 1 Monday August 17, 2020
    M1: leftover shepherd's pie from the freezer
    M2: sliced apples with almond butter, 1/2 banana
    M3: spaghetti squash topped with fried onions and mushrooms, ground beef and Kirkland marinara sauce
    Another start today. 
    The food I ate on the weekend away was typical of how I've been eating for the past two months.  Meals were very healthy, but things fell apart between meals.  I bought a big tub of premium ice cream on Friday afternoon and ate most of it myself before check-out time on Sunday morning.  I also bought a single serve cup of ice cream when I was at the Dairy buying the tub, because I didn't want to limit myself to only 1 flavour all weekend (actual measure was about 2 cups - considered a 'small' size cone), I snacked on chips, drank sweetened ice tea, ginger ale, sangria, wine, and some rum & oj.  All between meals.   And today I was feeling pissy.  Too much sugar?
    It is becoming increasingly challenging for me to remain isolated, because I simply don't have anyone in a close social bubble who I feel comfortable enough to call up to visit with in person.  Isolation has caused me to see that what I miss most right now is having deep meaningful conversation with interesting people.  I just don't get that in my house, and my mental health is definitely feeling it.  I'm hoping that by taking care of my physical health and lots of good self care I will weather this low feeling I'm battling right now.  I know it will pass, it always does.
    I have absolutely no social engagements for the foreseeable future and so I'm hopeful that I will stick with Whole30 this time.  I'm most looking forward to Tiger Blood which should kick in before September, losing some belly fat, and losing weight overall.  I'm most concerned about my waist to hip ratio: W 34"/Hips 37.5" = WHR 0.906, which is considered obese and is an indicator of high risk of various diseases including diabetes and heart disease.  Other goals are to have steady energy all day, better sleep and getting out of bed before 7am, feeling properly rested.  I am also hoping to rid the habit I have of consistently snacking between lunch and dinner.  I achieved all of these things on my May Whole40, so I know its doable for me and I know how these goals feel when I'm living them.  So for the next 30 days I will try to give my full attention to this W30 thing and hope that once coVid is in the past that I will have many more of the skills I need to live my best life, as far as eating healthy foods goes.  
    I'm ready for this.
    NSV: I didn't snack between meals today
    NSV: My mood was super low this morning, but I didn't use junk food to dull my emotions.  Instead I sat with my emotions, felt the tears, considered why I was feeling like I was, and carried on.  I already feel MUCH better.
    Day One - Done