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  1. I ate three flour tortillas yesterday - one at 10, another at 1 and the final one around 7:15pm. It's 3:45 pm now and I feel hungover, despite having had no alcohol since this weekend. I have a slight headache, I'm dragging and I am craving something sweet or unhealthy. Of course, when I hit the vending machine at work, there was nothing gluten free in there and I wasn't going to drink an unhealthy soft drink, so I am sticking to water. This certainly explains a lot. When I did W30, I had more energy and no afternoon slump. So much more productive at work and I handled the stress better
  2. I just ate a small flour tortilla and I am terrified. Been putting it off for days in fear of the repercussions. My plan is to eat one at breakfast and one at lunch (and maybe one for dinner?) with everything else holding Whole30 firm. It's been interesting that the scale has been much more stable. I used to have huge weight fluctuations, presumably from food reactions, and that was always such an impediment for me to try and lose weight - I could have a great week and gain weight due to the reactions. So, I now want to focus on actually losing the weight, which likely means I am going to
  3. It appears that the impact of the foods that disagree with my body is about 36 hours. I ate the pizza around 7:30/8:00 pm on Wednesday and felt human by about noon on Friday. The bloat was gone by 10 or so and I actually could go in one hole on my belt. Someone I saw yesterday and today commented that I looked like I had lost a bunch of weight - she didn't make that comment yesterday morning.... The game plan is to stick to W30 into next week and then test the gluten with flour tortillas. I love tortillas in any form, so I ate them a lot when not on W30. I figure having one at breakfast,
  4. So glad I titled this so aptly. As I indicated previously, I reintroduced alcohol and that was ok. I ate a pizza with a gluten free crust and no cheese and I was fine. But after a really tough week (total first world problems so no pity or sympathy earned or necessary), I ate a little more than half of a pizza with a regular crust and cheese plus prosciutto and arugula. And I had some wine. It is more than 24 hours after I started that eating and drinking, my stomach still hurts. I slept like crap and kicked myself because I already identified that alcohol was bad on a weekday but combin
  5. The Whole30 program and mindset is clearly not a destination, but a journey and I think people who treat Whole 30 otherwise are doomed to fail. So, I am hoping that at least with my mind right on the approach, I can succeed, even though this is a tough road. For Day 1, I had wine. I had my usual, pre-W30 amount and the next day, I felt it, despite being hydrated. I fell asleep quickly but must not have slept well because I have been yawning all day and this is the first morning in weeks where I didn't want to go to work and wanted to go to bed. Even though work has been daunting lately, I
  6. Next time I do a full round, I will make sure that it doesn't end right after a long weekend. A long weekend with beautiful weather and the sun beckoning us to enjoy some day drinking and snack food. Admittedly, while this supremely sucks not to be able to eat and drink like I might on a regular Labor Day weekend, it does feel good that I can manage some level of self-control and actually handle social situations with friends and remain not only compliant with Whole30, but only a tiny bit of jealously thrown in there. Also, when I talked about this with friends and explained that day 30 i
  7. About 5 hours ago, I was done. I had decided that I was going to eat compliant but have a glass (or 2) of wine. After swinging by our house going up from the ground, we went to a place we have been to since I started W30. My husband automatically ordered me sparkling water and peel and eat shrimp. Even though I told him this was hard and I wanted to give up. And yet, he supported me and I didn't fail. Day 27 nearly in the books, with full compliance. I'm surprised I made it, but I'm cautiously optimistic I will make it to day 30.
  8. It's Thursday. I have had back to back client meetings since Monday, often not getting home until 10:30 or later and not falling asleep until 11:30 or later, followed by demanding days. I'm tired. I feel like I have earned some sort of a respite tonight and I really want that to be a glass of wine. As I type the words, I am already feeling the logical responses in my head. I am getting a respite tonight - I get to work out. (I have to reserve the fitness center in my apartment and I have it reserved tonight) I will certainly feel great after that work out, especially after not worki
  9. I weighed myself. Totally owning it. I just felt so light and my clothes were fitting better that I had to see. I, of course, had to give myself a pep talk in case I didn't like what was on the scale and recognized that I had to be a big girl about it and stay on this for the remainder diligently, regardless of the numbers. Fortunately, the numbers were good and that made me happy. Mostly, it made me happy that I dropped about a pound in a week without starving myself. I did exercise more since I worked from home, which certainly helped, but eating a lot while doing it was nice. I'm still
  10. My morning shock today was when I started my journal entry and noted that today is day 23. That means my last day is September 8. I had counted it to the 9th. Which meant re-intro on the 10th. But I planned for the 11th in light of work commitments. So now, I can technically have a reintroduce day on the 9th (wine, I think) followed by compliant days on 10th and 11th and re-intro (dairy) on the 12th. But I don’t think I’m going to do that. I have a brutal schedule through the afternoon of the 11th and taking in a happy hour (sans non compliant food) sounds amazing. Plus, I’m worrie
  11. Dear wine, cheese, scale, sushi, pasta, pizza and dessert: I miss you all, I really do. But it's been 19 days without most of you (took me a while to quit you scale) and I walked through Whole Foods after an intense workout and barely twinged when I caught sight of most of you. I read labels - and noted that items I looked at were already turned to ingredients, which I imagined meant that another Whole30-er had come down the aisle ahead of me - and didn't buy anything non compliant. My clothes fit well this morning. Yes, I need to lose some fat, but removing the bloat and inflammation bro
  12. Good suggestion. I have been buying Spindthrift sparkling water and I use it in the afternoon when I get a bit of a slump after drinking several bottles of water. I think part of the problem is that there is no "reward food" on the program. I know that's actually the point - we are supposed to eat when we are hungry and not be driven by compunction/cravings/hormones/emotions, but a little reward can go a long way. Someone had suggested kombucha and I read Melissa's article on it and I don't think I want to go there. It's like we are breaking down our system of eating/drinking and after a
  13. Wow. Today has been hard. My husband is out of town, which I thought would help me to stick with the program since he wouldn’t be wanting to go out. Instead, I’m lonely. He’s been gone since early Friday and all I want is to either order food off program or to hit a bar. A glass of wine. Perhaps some great food from restaurant week. And all of my food is chicken. So tired of chicken. I had a pork loin in the freezer but it has sugar. Insert heavy sigh. Lesson. Have varied food choices pre made. Or at least some compliant meats in the freezer. Ugh. Guess I’m headed to Whole
  14. Thank you @SchrodingersCat, @ShadowInTheKitchen and @MadyVanilla for your comments and sage advice. I wish I had checked in on the forum when I woke up because it might have kept me off the scale. I caved and weighed myself and I am now on day 5 of a plateau. And of course, that's frustrating with the amount of effort I am putting in with food and exercise. But, I also know that plateaus are normal and, if I wasn't doing all of this, I would weigh more and feel like crap. I mean, through yesterday, I calculated that I would have had 4900 calories worth of wine by now, which means the sca
  15. Confessional. I have to admit, I haven't been following ALL of the rules. .... I have been weighing myself daily. I know, I know, I shouldn't have done it, but it's done. I liked doing it because the immediate weight drop was a little exciting. I know that a hunk of that was water and bloat and not fat, but seeing the rapid weight change when I modified my diet showed me truly how impactful certain ingredients could be. And then I plateaued.... for 3 days. The third day was yesterday. This morning, I got up and the dog was whimpering, which means that there is a bodily