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    CCHoff got a reaction from Emmaa in Starting today (August 17th)   
    I just started today, too! I’m so excited. This is my 5th one. I can tell when I’m ready for a tuneup, and now is the time.  Can’t wait for consistent energy, and the calm that settles my nervous system after taking out the sugar and chemicals. Oh and the great night’s sleep. Who knew it was all based on food.  Seems so obvious now. Hee-haw, can’t wait! Emmaa I hope you really love it - just power through the beginning and it’ll be worth it! 
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    CCHoff reacted to Ginsky in Starting today (August 17th)   
    You sound really prepared and proactive!  I hope you have a wonderful experience with your Whole30.  ... I mean, at least the second half.  That first week or so can be rough but it's worth it.  
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    CCHoff reacted to Emmaa in Starting today (August 17th)   
    Good morning,
    I've started this morning. This is my first Whole30. I read the book last week. Made a week plan for this week and yesterday did the grocery shopping. I did not have time to mealprep. But I do have time to cook today. And today I'll cook for several days.
    I'll start a daily log. Just to keep my accountable.