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  1. I just had to give up and go back to my normal Paleo centric diet. I wasnt having any problems before at all and without somehtjng that I was having I'm on the toilet every day and can barely keep enough liquids and solids in me to stay healthy let alone workouts. The CrossFit open is coming up soon and this is really hurting me.
  2. Thanks all, I'm not sure. I guess I'm really struggling about what this is supposed to do for me. I'm close to giving up. Before I was feeling very healthy, running and working out daily, high energy levels, no health problems and a good diet. I had sugar maybe once a year at a birthday party and that's jt. I started this one on a discussion with CrossFit about shifting to a full whole 30 from paleo. I am on the toilet all day every day, can't workout, horrible cramping and internal problems that just won't go away. I know the website treats this like a "Cancer is
  3. Thanks LJ I haven't cut out starches. I had a part of a potato shredded a few days ago and cooked with some paprika and salt and pepper with avocado oil. This was a small add to breakfast. The potato was fresh and wasn't from some hash brown preserved thing. I'm afraid it's a response to the cut out of the dairy especially the yogurt. I've always had dairy in my diet and can't ever remember when I didn't have milk as a recover drink and unflavored Greek yogurt and cheese with foods. I really didn't embark on this to make a major change, it was recommended on so many Cro
  4. Last night and this morning were horrible. Dinner was typical fajita chicken skipped all the usual sour cream and tortillas and cheese and no beans or rice, fajita chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, and some grilled squash and peppers. Plenty of water and no chips or salsa. I've eaten this many many times but usually include beans, rice and tortillas. Skipped those completely. Last night the cramping, loose stool and horrible pain was so bad I was wishing I was dead. This morning I couldn't do my deadlift workout or mile run. Is it normal that this diet puts you u
  5. Yeah, not sure. I know it's painful and way worse than the way I was feeling before the diet started. And being on the toilet that often isn't healthy to me. Hopefully it evens out but this may not have been the best choice for me
  6. Hello have not been on the forum before. I have always eaten pretty healthy. I do cross fit multiple times per week and have no problems with sugar. I have no weight problems or diabetes or blood pressure. I never drink soft drinks or processed junk food. I have been on whole 30 complete for 10 days now and starting day 6 I have had the most painful cramping, bowel movements, nausea and internal discomfort I've felt except for the fewer times I've had food poisoning My diet in shifting to whole 30 has cut out my morning unflavored Greek yogurt, any milk, any sugar that