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    Hello have not been on the forum before.   I have always eaten pretty healthy.   I do cross fit multiple times per week and have no problems with sugar.   I have no weight problems or diabetes or blood pressure.  I never drink soft drinks or processed junk food.
    I have been on whole 30 complete for 10 days now and starting day 6 I have had the most painful cramping, bowel movements, nausea and internal discomfort I've felt except for the fewer times I've had food poisoning 
    My diet in shifting to whole 30 has cut out my morning unflavored Greek yogurt, any milk, any sugar that came from anything but what is in foods such as watermelon or grapes.
    A typical day is breakfast of a whole pork sausage sourced from a local farm with no sugar or grain fillers, an egg we get from our chickens, handful of pistachios, two cups of watermelon, and a shot of espresso I prepare and copious water.   This is always about two hours after my morning workout.  That's the same diet I normally eat but I typically have berries and non sugar and non flavored Greek yogurt with it. And I often used to have a cappuccino made with espresso and whole milk about 8 oz total
    Lunch has been meat such as grilled pork, salmon, chicken in a single serving, copious lettuce, handful of almonds, grapes and if I'm hungry more watermelon or cantaloupe. Also plenty of water
    That's very typical as well however I typically have some type of bread with a sandwich and the meat in normal diet.  
    I used to do a snack of either cheese and grapes or cheese, cashews and melon but I've cut that out for just a few grapes and some nuts if I'm hungry.
    For dinner I always have a giant salad with avocado, lately it's been squash or brussel sprouts either grilled or fried in avocado oil and meat is typically grilled or crock pot cooked with spices.
    I track all the foods in nyfitness pal.
    Some changes, I've quit my typical snakc of tortilla chips and salsa which was a dream, have not had any pizza even though I love a slice and no granola or protein bars.   Also no breakfast sandwiches whcih were always an English muffin with egg, sausage and cheese    the diet has now cut out the cheese and English muffin.
    I have also had no sugar carefully scrutinizing all ingredients and reading up, no bread or grains, and no milk, yogurt or cheese or dairy.
    I didn't do this to lose weight, I have some anxiety and sleep problems and someone suggested this diet.
    I'm concerned because the cramps and poor bowel movements are getting more often and seem to be worsening.   I don't normally have this discomfort.
    My workouts have not changed and i wasn't looking to improve them.   I'm almost 50 and I run, lift, bike, swim and exercise routinely.   I typically followed a Paleo diet with some exceptions for yogurt which I love, the sandwiches and granola and dairy such as cheese in moderation.   
    I know my water intake is good because I have not changed it and I have to drink plenty in our hot.climate.   I track water with my fitness pal.
    Is this something I shoulf just push through the pain or was this possibly not a good idea?