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  1. Hi, glad everyone is doing well, hang in there, to be honest I am loving the food, my aches and pains are reducing and no acid reflux at all - after years of it.  Had a recipe last night the recipe chicken fajita baked by simple and good was delicious and I ate the leftovers for meal 2 (my goodness I am complying with the lingo haha).  Sleeping well, less anxious - all good, have a lovely day everyone x

  2. You all sound as though you Are doing so well, I had a problem with black coffee but a moderator suggested I used coconut milk, dealt with the problem.

    the oddest thing though I have been going to yoga since I was seventeen (quite a while then, ha ha) and for the last few years have suffered terrible reflux in any downward position.  Normally, I didn’t eat breakfast, but since Whole30 I have had breakfast every day - no reflux at yoga today, in fact no reflux for 8 days.  I am feeling really positive and enjoying this way of eating, good luck to all, and stay safe with the fires in California. 

  3. How are you all doing?  I haven’t been hungry at all, but had a problem with coffee, the marvellous moderators suggested I used coconut milk in the coffee and it dealt with the problem.  My brain feels a little clearer and at the moment I ache less, oddly my eyesight has been better today, deep sleep with very vivid dreams, onwards we go, good luck all.

  4. Shannon, thank you so much for replying, I had my coffee this morning without the macadamia milk, no jitters no reaction, so, the milk is gone, I will try full fat canned coconut milk tomorrow as black coffee isn’t my favourite thing.  I am loving this way of eating I had got to the stage of trying every diet known to man over my 71 years and just gained weight and was miserable and didn’t know where to turn.  I read about the Whole30 on Facebook and I have devoured (if you’ll excuse the pun!) everything I can find on it.  I hadn’t had breakfast for 20 years, didn’t look forward to the calorie counted meals, aches everywhere... I could go on but you have probably nodded off haha.  Thank you

  5. Hi, I am on day 5, I love the meals and I am not hungry, but

    i Have drunk two coffees with full milk every morning of my adult life, so the milk was out and I went to the health food shop, explained what I was doing and they suggested macadamia milk, so I tried that - mega jitters, really tense and anxious - so I took some holy basil,  did two exercise classes and by mid afternoon felt good.

    This morning halved the coffee content, same as yesterday  milk, exactly the same reaction, jitters and anxiety,  help me I hate feeling so anxious - is it the coffee or the milk, tomorrow I was going to try black coffee which I truly loathe, but I loathe the jitters more, is there any suggestions for me, help ... thank you Patricia


  6. Hi Emma

    sorry to hear you had a difficult day, day 4 my worst so far, i love coffee but hate it black so have tried a macadamia milk , but I am suffering from mega jitters and anxiety afterwards, really bad, so halved the coffee today, better but still there, it may be the milk, I will try it without the ‘milk’ tomorrow- apart from that loving it, the food is incredibly tasty and eating mindfully is something new for me, bloat has gone down and I drank water instead of wine last night, no acid reflux at all! 


    What a lovely girl you are to to respond to my post, and your photos are amazing.


    stay in touch,  stick with it, love P x

  7. Hi, I also started yesterday, I am 71 and pretty fit, but lately aches and pains everywhere, keep getting colds, digestive issues etc and although I am 71 I want my health etc to get better not worse.

    i have read lots about the Whole 30 over the last week and yesterday started with


    earl grey black tea and two black coffees (small) I hated the black coffee so bought some macadamia milk 

    Breakfast cabbage hash browns (who knew - delicious) with one fried egg in ghee

    lunch avocado hard boiled eggs and lime juice one pear

    Dinner - meant to have aWhole 30 recipe butternut squash and sweet potato chilli it was SO HOT I couldn’t eat it at all!!!! So I had the two remaining cabbage hash browns

    Water with a squeeze of lemon all through the day


    i have not been hungry all day, but notice my back is aching a lot more today....


    If I have made any mistakes please let me know that is  apart from the chilli which I have now drained and put in fresh tomatoes all for another day - I hate waste haha.


    I hope this finally balances my health and weight I am not huge but have the spare tire round the middle with thin arms and legs.  Good luck Emma let me know what you are eating, and thanks to all for letting me join you. Patricia