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    Patricia71 got a reaction from ms vic in Starting today (August 17th)   
    Hi, I also started yesterday, I am 71 and pretty fit, but lately aches and pains everywhere, keep getting colds, digestive issues etc and although I am 71 I want my health etc to get better not worse.
    i have read lots about the Whole 30 over the last week and yesterday started with
    earl grey black tea and two black coffees (small) I hated the black coffee so bought some macadamia milk 
    Breakfast cabbage hash browns (who knew - delicious) with one fried egg in ghee
    lunch avocado hard boiled eggs and lime juice one pear
    Dinner - meant to have aWhole 30 recipe butternut squash and sweet potato chilli it was SO HOT I couldn’t eat it at all!!!! So I had the two remaining cabbage hash browns
    Water with a squeeze of lemon all through the day
    i have not been hungry all day, but notice my back is aching a lot more today....
    If I have made any mistakes please let me know that is  apart from the chilli which I have now drained and put in fresh tomatoes all for another day - I hate waste haha.
    I hope this finally balances my health and weight I am not huge but have the spare tire round the middle with thin arms and legs.  Good luck Emma let me know what you are eating, and thanks to all for letting me join you. Patricia