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    So, I'm a newbie (Day 7) and have seen lots of posts about staying away from  Whole30 compliant mock "desserts", or any other food that would be considered SWYPO. But what if you are simply crazing a particular texture? Yesterday, I spent way too much of the day wanting dairy. Normally I don't have an issue overindulging in dairy, and I think I really wanted it b/c I wanted something creamy in texture. Would it have been the worst thing in the world to have 1/2 cup of cashew milk, for instance? I didn't do that, b/c I didn't have any cashew milk, but I'm thinking if this happened once, it will happen again. Any guidance appreciated. 
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    I love blended soups for their creamy texture.  And of course there's homemade mayo and ranch dressing (look up dump ranch dressing) for compliments to meals.  I've also made sauces that had coconut milk in them, plus homemade unsweetened coconut milk yogurt.  
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    I'm also currently shoveling cucumbers with heaping piles of tzatziki in my mouth right now. It is creamy and delicious. Here's the recipe (note that the other foods are not Whole30 compliant, but the tzatziki is compliant): 
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    I love me some creamy soups! I make double batches of these two soups and keep individual-serving-size jars frozen in the freezer. I love eating them for breakfast because it's a great way for me to eat veggies early in the morning but they would hopefully satisfy your creamy-texture-cravings quite well! 
    Sweet Potato Soup:
    Golden Cauliflower Soup: