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  1. I am doing great! I'm on day 14. The fatigue and headaches are completely gone, IBS has markedly improved, and I do have an overall sense of well-being and feeling of being content with life. How are you feeling? You're over halfway!
  2. It has not been easy, I won't lie! I am, however, pleasantly surprised by my resolve. The headaches and fatigue are still occurring, but I'm hopeful to be on the last few days of that. I also worry about making mistakes and not even knowing it! I'm looking forward to checking out your daily log. So far I have made a few Whole30 recipes and picked up several Whole30 approved frozen meals for work along with signing up for kickboxing 4-5 days per week. American sizes are not as intuitive as mLs! Where are you from?
  3. Hi! I started yesterday. This is my first Whole 30 and I'm so excited. I am 26 and have struggled with food more severely over the last year than ever before. I am more than ready to re-acquaint myself with my body and it's relationship with food to wade through what isn't serving me (and what's holding me back). How is your first week? Did your meals turn out well? I would like to post here as well for accountability.