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  1. Thank you so much I'm not really doing it for weight loss (though I won't complain if it happens) I'm more concerned about my health. I'm celiac, have psoriasis over 30% of my body , have lots of inflammation in my body asthma and reaching 60 in a year. When I go off keto all the inflammatory aches and pains come back and I start wheezing and coughing. I really want W30 to work. As much as I love meat I love veggies and fruit as much. Again thanks for the info. It's only been a couple of days on W30. I think I should do fine. I feel like it was so much harder to start keto because you give
  2. If anyone has come from a keto diet to whole30 could you please share your experience with me. And maybe help me understand some of the foods that are ok but were not ok on keto.
  3. I'm starting whole30 after years on a keto diet. Keto has improved my health in many ways but hard to not get bored just eating protein. Haven't had fruit and some vegetables in a long time. Use a lot of sweeteners. And eat a lot of dairy. Those will be the hardest for me to give up. I'm celiac so I'm use to not having pasta, bread ,etc. I know I feel better on keto so bring vegetables and fruit back scares me. Didn't really lose a lot of weight like most people on keto but felt great. Hoping fruit and vegetables don't make me feel icky. Looking forward to eating vegetables and fruits again