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  1. I’ve been eating this way for nearly 9 months now and so the food pretty much does itself. But my ‘food behaviour’ is my daily challenge really. I tend to feel better when I don’t snack or eat between meals, and when I really focus on the meal template. However I know that I don’t always do this so i often have to have a strict week where I really focus on it, like a mini reset. in a different way, I found Easter really really challenging, I think it brought up a lot of things from my childhood, and a lot of ‘fear of missing out’ which I wasn’t expecting as I had pretty much sailed t
  2. I think you could do this with any long thin veg? So courgette or aubergine (can you guess where I live??) or butternut squash? Anything to separate the layers?
  3. I will also add as I have just reread my posts on this thread, I feel SOOOOOO much better when I eat 3 meals a day and don’t graze and I am absolutely going to work at getting that rhythm back into my life. Waiting 4-5 hours between meals really works for me but it takes me a few days to get into the swing
  4. Hey @Maria Fernanda, I have had a really weird few weeks. I developed a really bad pain in my hip (I deserved this as I run a lot and this year have run too much and not rested properly...) but yes. I think eating dairy a few weeks ago, aggravated it and I was fully in pain, hobbling round. I also had my Covid jab and felt bad after that. I didn’t go off plan but I just felt like I was struggling. Saying no to everything was a battle where normally it is easy. I substituted with lots of compliant things like nuts and dried fruit and nut butter (and I know these don’t agree with me really) and
  5. @Nedster7 for breakfast and lunch I eat different food to the family, and I usually have the same sort of thing for both meals. For evening meal we usually have the same protein (eg tonight we are having chicken in a curry sauce) but they have rice or potato wedges and I have cauliflower rice and/or salad. I eat a LOT of salads. I like the recipes but they can be fiddly but I find the variety really helps me stay on track so I try to do a bit of both. I simplify my meals a lot: tinned fish, chicken thighs etc plus salad. I cook two roasts on a Sunday and that does me 3 or 4 meals ext
  6. Welcome both! These forums are pretty quiet, it can be a bit of a ghost town., I did my first W30 in July and then never really stopped, I reintroduced wine and then.... nothing. So I am still sugar, dairy , grain, soy etc free and going strong! easter was tricky but I am so proud of myself to not succumbing to chocolate, especially as I could have legitimately ‘reintroduced’ some!
  7. I have been very good and rested my hip well, so I’ve not run since Monday (unheard of for me!). Last night at my fitness class I was almost pain free. My pain in my toe/foot has also subsided quite a lot which is also probably a combination of rest and diet. I am planning to rest it until Sunday. I’ve ended March feeling a bit glum though, it’s been a tricky month with a few disastrous reintroductions and I’ve also lost my tight control on compliant food as well, and as a result I have actually gained a few lbs. I’ve had a long think about April and where I’m going and how to take the rei
  8. I’d go back to whole30 until you feel that nice clean feeling again, then continue your reintroduction. I had Covid and I ended up doing a full w30 again to shake off the horrible fuzzy head feeling
  9. Personally I would try to limit consumption of those heavily processed red meat products, even if they are compliant, not because of weight gain but because they aren’t great nutritionally . I like to buy a big tray of chicken thighs with the skin /bone on and I season them up really well, sometimes I’ll do 2 different varieties (so eg. An Indian spiced one and a lemon and garlic?) These are relatively cheap cuts of meat but not ‘cheap’ in nutritional value I live in the uK and we don’t really have any processed meat/hot dog that’s compliant, so I make burgers and sausages myself out of
  10. Not something that was said to me as such, but something I say to other people when they ask me: it may sound like a horrible punishment, all this ‘no sugar’ ‘no treats’ no cheating... but actually it is the greatest gift of self care you will ever give yourself. This mantra really helps me and I’m now 8+ months in and I still say it to myself several times a week.
  11. I’m in the UK so we don’t have any ‘whole30’ approved foods at all, but in many ways I think that makes for a very honest whole30 experience. Everything has sugar or some other noncompliant ingredient in pretty much, but it does break the reliance on prepared foods and packets and jars. I save a lot of empty jars and make things like curry sauces and salsa in bulk and freeze them for convenient meals. It does take a bit of prep but you get used to it.
  12. Interesting @christine19 , have you ever thought soy was an issue for you in previous rounds? I am suffering at the moment. I’ve struggled the last few weeks and since my Covid jab especially, and at the weekend I ate a lot of nuts, nut butter etc. Which I had been avoiding. I also did have some dairy choc a while back also. I think the combination of those things has aggravated something in my hip, combined with a steady mileage now each month since December (I’ve just mentally totalled up and I reckon 650-700 km since 1st Dec) and then I have also not been very kind to myself and
  13. Hi, I’m 8 months into W30 style living (I say this as I am not 100% strict, but I have only really reintroduced wine and over the last 8 months have had tiny tastes of dairy chocolate maybe 2 or 3 times) I had a bit of a rubbish week last week and ended up eating a lot of nuts, nut butter, etc which I had quite successfully avoided for a few months. Even though they are compliant, they aren’t good for me and I know it; call it as close to a binge as is possible, I wasn’t in a good mental place. I also had my Covid jab so felt hideous after that too. anyway, I am now in excruciating pa
  14. Sounds good @christine19, I hope you enjoy it i had my vaccine on Tuesday and it absolutely knocked me sideways, I felt like I had Covid all over again. When I had CV19 I was so emotional, I really felt it affected my brain chemistry and I was right back there on Wednesday and Thursday. As a result I have had quite a tricky week. In the end I admitted defeat to a degree and bought a box of dates, some nut butter and had some ‘commercially prepared’ chips/fries that were compliant ingredients. I bought them knowing full well I was going to eat them all, and it was pretty much as clo
  15. I am coming to the conclusion that, for me, chocolate and sugar is always, always emotional. It’s never about hunger or food. If I ever crave chocolate it is to feed an emotional need not a food one. So, on the very few times I have tried it ( one at Christmas and one a few weeks back) I felt odd when I ate it because I did feel genuine emotional relief but also found it too sweet and greasy. And of course, it doesn’t really make the emotional need go away. I started w30 in July and did 30 days, then had a few months of mostly 100% compliant food + wine, then at Christmas had 2 choco
  16. It’s advised to ‘limit the use’ of oils like canola. I suppose that’s a judgement call as to whether your mayo consumption is a large/small amount. I think they say limit use because often these veg/canola oils are used in commercial food prep and therefore a small amount is inevitable. Not sure about using it for mayo though. Is there a specific reason why you can’t use olive?
  17. Not sure which country you are in but in the UK loss of smell or taste is one of the big Covid symptoms we look out for and can get tested for. Have you had a Covid test?
  18. @christine19thanks! Spring has certainly sprung here in the uk as well! We spent the weekend outside tidying the garden and it was so nice to feel sunlight on my face again. I did a long run (24km) and realised mid run that my carb intake on Saturday was limited to salad veg- so yes, it was hard work! Having a day off today with no workout. Having my Covid jab tomorrow which I’m a bit apprehensive about due to stories of side effects. I haven’t done my usual Sunday cook up so tonight I’m going to batch cook and freeze a few things after work and make my salads for the week.
  19. According to this, inulin is allowed - however I’m not sure about the oligofructose enriched. Is oligofructose if I recall a soluble fibre also?
  20. Hey! You did it!! Well done!!!! I felt just like you and I didn’t want to introduce anything ‘just because’ and instead I decided to wait until something really really worth it came up. Maybe the food itself, or maybe the experience (like my child’s b’day cake) - but nothings really been worth it yet. I tried some chocolate and it didn’t agree with me so I’m in no rush for that again! I might have some vegan/dairy free chocolate at Easter- maybe? I have reintroduced alcohol/ wine although I am finding red wine too much now and I get hungover while I’m still drinking it and
  21. That’s why we Whole30ers just smile knowingly when people say ‘but what do you eat?!’
  22. Not sure if this is allowed but can’t see why not? These are my before and after photos. First set is July 2020 as I started w30 and 2nd is today. I can’t believe the difference in my face and my arms!
  23. I can’t tell from your post if you are male or female, not sure if that matters but from my perspective as a female runner I just wondered. before I came to w30 I was just like you: run a lot, eat a lot (of ok but pretty crappy food), run a lot, eat a lot.... yada yada. Just on this cycle. I was always chasing the last few vanity pounds and never getting there and guess unlike you, I did want to lose some weight. As soon as I came to W30 I felt like the balance switched, like a jigsaw piece slotting together. Suddenly my food was my fuel, not my reward, for my training. I was runnin
  24. Oh and I will add- for me, the foggy brain feeling is worse when I eat more frequently. Less frequent meals, 4-5 hours between meals, and not necessarily huge platefuls, just normal size, cutting out fruit (sugar!) seems to really improve my energy levels. I am very insulin sensitive and the less insulin I have pumping around my body the less foggy I feel. Have you considered that you may be insulin resistant or pre-diabetic? ** disclaimer! I’m not a doctor, this is just something I’ve read a fair bit about over the years!**
  25. I remember you posted this last week, are you still not feeling any better? Have you read the auto immune protocol in the book, eg cutting out nightshade plants, eggs or nuts as well as the classic W30? Maybe there is something compliant which is still causing your brain fog? As I said in my previous post, don’t underestimate the long reaching post-Covid effect. There were 6 of us in our office who had Covid at the same time and every one of us had that weird fuzzy brain, exhaustion, trouble thinking straight. It was November we had it; I still get it occasionally when I’m tired or s