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  1. I think that exhaustion is quite common in the first week. My first w30 was during lockdown last summer and I just lounged around in the garden catching rays! My second, in January this year, I was working and couldn’t believe how tired I felt. It does go though. Keep following the meal template and use it as an opportunity to get early nights and take a rest.
  2. Haven’t posted for a few days so here’s my update: things going ok (ish) . I struggled last week as my period was due and this week I have not been especially well planned and by weds it has shown. This morning there was literally nothing to eat so on my way to work I stopped at a small shop and bought the only things compliant (a bag of carrot sticks, some nuts and some grapes) so I grazed on those all morning instead of eating a proper meal. All that being said, I actually feel quite skinny at the moment. I’ve been doing quite a fierce bootcamp workout 28 days challenge (I’m on day 10) an
  3. When I did my first, I didn’t miss anything so I didn’t reintroduce anything straight away, except wine. Over time I gradually introduced some preservatives which meant I could have certain dried fruit and cured meat but I did find that sodium metabisulphate makes me feel pretty horrible. I also allowed a few paleo ‘Baked goods’ so made sugar free, dairy free cake with almond flour for example. I then did another strict 30 days, ending 1st feb and then again didn’t introduce anything, until this week when I ate milk chocolate and it has not agreed with me at all! Skin/joints all inflamed and
  4. So following from my milk chocolate, my foot is still painful, the joint of my toe is so tender. Particularly when it’s in my trainers which is annoying, so much so I’ve had to relace them to avoid that tender bit. So I think I really do need to keep dairy out now, if I wasn’t sure of that before! so 5. Dairy you are definitely not worth it. Shame, because it would be nice to have occasional chocolate but it can’t be dairy. now, if I look back at my list, I had some dried fruit and nuts this weekend as a bit of a treat because of it being Mother’s Day. I’ve been fairly con
  5. Hi, you’re doing really well! Are you feeling better now after your sickness last week? What do you think you will reintroduce first?
  6. Saturday morning here. I’m about to head out early to the supermarket as there isn’t really anything I can eat in the house. I feel strangely good today, I actually expected to feel tired and a bit bleurgh this morning as we went to bed later than I wanted and I drank 3 glasses of red last night. I don’t intend to drink tonight as we’ve crept up into drinking more regularly again and it doesn’t help me really. I have been doing a 28 day fitness bootcamp on YouTube (sort of a weighted high intensity intervals thing) and it is fierce, however after only 3 sessions I noticed last night
  7. Are you eating enough plated fat and following the meal template? Also, I find I have a few days where I eat really well, then I gradually eat less veg as the week goes on, then find myself hungry. I think once we are settled into the plan it can be easy to become complacent and I really like the meal template as a good reminder of the balance.
  8. Thanks @christine19, I have been reading about Covid flare ups being linked to menstrual cycle and it does seem that there is increasing evidence that there is a link. I looked back through my notebook and it happening at this time every month so I will continue to monitor. the inflammation is pure dairy related I think! but also, I mustn’t moan about it really: that’s the purpose of reintroducing isn’t it, and now I know. The sugar dragon was a bit calmer today although my foot was still painful. wtiting my shopping list now for the week ahead, I feel like I need some inspiratio
  9. Great news on the running and the jeans! Well done! today I felt pretty rubbish. I was given a nice box of chocolates at work for helping with our Covid testing programme and after my having had some this week, honestly - they tortured me all morning. I’ve let the kids have some but the remainder is still there and I feel quite weak in it’s presence; I am repeatedly thinking ‘oooh chocolate’ then immediately going ‘nope’ (I’ve done this probably 20 times today) . I suppose in the interests of reintro I could have some although since having it before I’ve had quite a few unpleasant si
  10. I reintroduced something yesterday. I was really struggling with sugar cravings and decided that yes, I would allow myself some milk chocolate and enjoy it guilt free. So I did! results: a terrible night, headache, night sweats, felt rubbish all day actually (maybe as a result of the bad night?) but yes, I have decided that certainly Cadbury’s dairy milk is not worth it. It wasn’t really nice enough to warrant the side effects. I’m not saying I’d never have chocolate in that scenario again but it would need to be a better quality brand to make it worth it.
  11. I’m struggling a bit these last few days. I was finding myself feeling more and more tired and battling the sugar dragon a bit, then doing that annoying thing where I eat every single other thing available except sugar, (and obviously it does nothing for the dragon!) and so I went back to my rules where I did say that I would, if I found myself doing that, allow a non-compliant treat and really enjoy it. So I did; I had some milK chocolate. It was nice. It was a bit greasier than I remembered and not as rich and very sweet! It gave a weird sugar headache almost instantly which wasn’t great,
  12. Hi, I’m in UK too! I’ve been dairy, grain, sugar, food additives etc free for 8 months now, and in that time have done 2 strict 30 days and generally eat paleo (+ wine) all the rest of the time. I think coming from where you are you will adapt quite quickly to the regime. Have you done it before? You say re-reading so I wondered! I have 3 kids plus husband who don’t eat this strictly, although our main meal is always the same (they add oven chips or rice etc). Planning is key for me, I do a big cook up on a Sunday where I portion up roast dinners and cook loads of extra veg, plus on a We
  13. I have seen a recipe with crushed up pork rinds as a crust, but we can’t get pork rinds here that doesn’t have msg in it and it seemed rather an effort to cook pork just for that purpose they must be good because I got in from work today and my husband was eating one and he normally avoids my ‘diet food’ !! it was actually the well fed cookbook that inspired me so great minds think alike @SugarcubeOD I would say though, don’t use large eggs, i’d use the smaller ones of the box if you can because they really are big. They slice in half well though but that does mean you have t
  14. Can I be honest with you? It sounds like post -Covid fatigue. I had Covid in November and like you I wasn’t really that ill, I felt very tired and had no cough or temperature or any thing like that. I am very fit, I run 100 miles a week and workout 3-4 times a week and generally eat fully Whole30 for the last 8 months now. But those 5/6 weeks after Covid, I just felt so empty. It really knocked me! I was tired, exhausted even. I was also very tearful and emotional. I was still doing my workouts but it felt like a chore. Then, suddenly, about end of jan/beginning of feb it just lifted away and
  15. @christine19 they were so easy! Boil and peel some eggs, then I used 15% fat pork mince and seasoned it, and knead it with your hands so it’s not ‘mince’ any more but ‘purée’ (you could use a food processor) then get a handful of the meat and squash it into a round, put the egg in the middle and then use your hands to smooth the meat around, it is easier than it sounds. I made some seasoned coating with ground almond, coconut flour, and some milled flax and seasoning, and then sort of rolled the egg around in it to coat it. Then oven baked them, turn them a few times.
  16. I’ve had a really productive day today. I did a long run (22km) and then this afternoon I have been a prepping whizz and have made: a red cabbage slaw, a cauli rice, a box of carrot sticks, a box of sweet potato cubes, and 4 scotch eggs (they are massive, easily a meal on their own), plus I boxed up 3 roast dinners as well. So that is my breakfast and lunch sorted for the week ahead- much needed as I will be in school 5 days this week for the first time this year, and in every week (not alternated) for the first time since October. I envisage I will eat breakfast at home, then have lunch when
  17. It’s more about knowing what you’re sensitive to, if anything. So you do W30, then gently and gradually reintroduce each key food until you build up a picture of your food tolerances and intolerances. You’ll have some ‘never’ foods, some ‘sometimes’ foods and some ‘free to eat’ foods. You introduce, you monitor the effects and the whole time you consciously steer the process. If you do your W30 (W36/37?) then go away and eat bread, dairy, drink wine and beer, eat desserts, etc you know you’ll feel it, and you don’t have a clue what it is that’s causing it. So when you get Hone if you want to g
  18. I think it depends a lot on a few factors, particularly how much weight you have to lose and how much of a dramatic change the lifestyle is from where you were. Eg. If you went from eating fast food twice a day and drinking beer every day, you’d probably lose more than if you were generally eating a low calorie diet. If you were previously eating low carb and switch to this, the increase in potato/starchy veg etc could cause you to maintain or even gain weight. yes it’s not not weight loss plan but I don’t think you’re unusual in wanting to see a reduction in your weight. Now is the
  19. Also, I took a supplement this week which I had been reading about while researching running. I’d been getting a lot of heavy lactic acid buildup in my knees and happened upon a collagen supplement and an amino acid supplement (I found it weird that I might need that given our diet here, but anyway) so I researched both and bought some. Anyway. The amino acid seems to be very good, I take one before and after each run. The collagen was super weird, it really did make me feel bizarre, so much so that I have stopped taking it to see if the weirdness stops. You see a lot of people on here listing
  20. Good morning. I am so glad to see the back of last week. It dragged on and on and seemed never ending! Glad it’s Saturday. We had a glass or two of red wine last night and as a result I didn’t sleep brilliantly, but then I haven’t all week so it may not be the wine. I’m going food shopping today as the cupboards are Bare and I’ve had that annoying scenario a few times the last few days where there is nothing in the house I can eat. aside from that I feel good today. Momentarily considered a weigh in but recognised that ‘ding ding’ - you’re using the scale to change the way you feel,
  21. I switched from low carb high fat to W30 and then I suppose what I settled in is a strict paleo plan based on my reintroductions. I prefer it to keto for a few reasons: 1) sweet potato (I don’t have it often but I run long distances so it’s nice to stock up on a bit of fuel the night before!) and 2) keto is still counting and tracking and macros and all that; w30 is freedom!
  22. That doesn’t sound good, I hope you feel better. What is Hokkaido? if you’re feeling fragile I would go for small light meals, maybe some potato or something? I’d probably avoid anything meat or egg until you feel a bit better? Food poisoning is horrible! I have only had it once really badly and I really thought I’d never recover! Some salt on your food can help as well if you are not keeping much water or food down. (of course the best thing for it really is flat Diet Coke which says a lot about what is in Diet Coke if it can kill e-coli!! ) rest and be kind to yourself
  23. Welcome! I’m several months in to w30 with a few reintroduced things, but I have remained gluten, sugar and dairy free and I have definitely noticed an improvement in my sinuses and congestion although it wasn’t instant. Funny enough only this week I said to my husband that I felt like I was breathing really clearly.
  24. I’m a fair way off getting my vaccine. UK aren’t prioritising front line except medical and care Homes, but we are getting through the age brackets. To be honest as I have had Covid I don’t feel too concerned that I could get it again, but yes I will have the vaccine when it’s finally my turn. @christine19 I had always been ‘on a diet’ doing eg. Slimming world and weight watchers, but in January 2018 I read The blood sugar diet which is a high fat/low carb Mediterranean style diet that focuses on calorie reduction and fasting as well. I went from 13 st 6 to around 11 stone doing that
  25. Yes I saw that email too and liked the sound of it. The pork citrus carnitas were actually delicious! I didn’t even slow cook them as I misread the recipe so I just pan fried them and added the water, they were amazing. I made a super fresh guacamole and had cauliflower rice and salad and it was the nicest dinner I have had since...yesterday’s delicious chicken! I love that well fed book! Unfortunately I have stomach cramp and bloating today although I think it’s related to ovulation and when I read back through my note book to a month ago I had the same then too. Glad it’s not foo