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  1. @Lorna from Canadagood going on the spreadsheet. I am similar, I hate doing my budget and have taught myself excel for my job, so now I have a zippy little spreadsheet that totals and transfers and carries over and all sorts! Having a good week here, I definitely needed to switch off from work for this half term break and I feel much better for it. Only problem being our freezing weather has moved over and in its place is wet, drizzle, grey and windy- horrible. I had a few days off from running to rest my legs and I have done yoga every day by the fire and feel quite recuperated. My food ha
  2. R3D6 today- food yesterday was good, as was today. I had chicken thighs, a few chunks of roasted sweet potato and sliced roasted beetroot, and salad for breakfast after my run, then lunch was prawns in leftover curry sauce again, with carrot sticks. The curry sauce is 100% veg with cauli rice on the side as well. Dinner was sausage patties with squash and mashed sweet potato with broccoli and peas, and I had a banana after my meal as well. I’ve done a 6km run and a 6km walk today, plus yoga. I’m feeling good, it could partly be due to having the week off work, however I think the w30
  3. Hi @Horseygirl426, how are you getting on? I find it really helpful to keep a notebook/journal each day. I’ve noticed a couple of things. 1) I get the urge to track/write down/ mentally tot up the calories in my food on some days still; these tend to be the days when I am stressed or tired or my mind is in overdrive. (I think for my whole life counting cals has Been my ‘anchor’ and I am still drawn to it as a coping strategy?) 2) I tend to want to tot up more when I know I have eaten more than I needed- eg the other night I ate a banana because my kids were having pancakes (?) and the ha
  4. I’m ruminating on my rules as well. I don’t really know where I will end up with them. I currently don’t really want anything, maybe I will in another 25 days though! I didn’t reintroduce last time in any formal fashion, I just waited until something came my way that I couldn’t resist. I think I’ll probably do that this time as well. However, and this is becoming quite apparent to me these last few days- I think when/if I get to that stage where although my food is 100% compliant, it’s not ‘in control’ (as in grabbing handfuls of nuts and eating lots of dates for example) then I maybe need to
  5. Good luck! Great motivation. I’m not Christian but ever since I was a child I have given something up for Lent, usually chocolate. This year my kids laughed at me because as they say “you’ve already given up everything good” so I have nothing to give up this year! So I’m going to pledge to do yoga daily until Easter instead.
  6. @christine19 it’s interesting because I am reading Food Freedom and in it she gives alternative protocols for resetting based on different circumstances if you didn’t want to do full w30. For sugar cravings she suggests giving up all nuts, nut butter and fruit, which is exactly what I had found- especially during the long lockdown January I certainly replaced my ‘treats’ with nuts and fruit and I feel so much brighter without them. I had quite a successful day yesterday but it was really hard while the kids were having their pancakes, and especially as I’ve been reading FFF so I was
  7. R3D4 today- another really good day. Breakfast (chicken, egg mayo and salad), lunch (errrr more chicken, more salad, and avo with some veg sticks and tahini lemon dip), dinner was really delicious- cauli rice, chicken breast and a spicy curry sauce with butternut squash, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes blended with coconut milk. I did have a banana after dinner (breaking my no fruit rule!) but that’s ok. Feeling good with no snacks and no extras, and sticking to my meal plan to the letter.
  8. I’ve not canned it but I have made it and frozen in small jars and then just get a jar out every now and then when I fancy some.
  9. R3D3 - feeling good this evening. Did a good, hilly run in the sunshine and yoga this evening. breakfast: chicken thigh, egg mayo, veg crudités and cherry toms, tahini/lemon dip lunch: roast lamb, roast sweet potato, roast parsnips, braised red cabbage and mayo dinner: pork shoulder steak, shallots, spicy apply sauce, red cabbage and peas and mayo No snacks, no fruit except in savoury meals, no nuts, - none of my ‘not worth it’ list. I have also really focussed on having that clear 4/5 hours between food and a few times today I was tempted but stuck very well to my plan
  10. I’ve had quite a good day today, I am back into that nice easy zone where it just happens and works - what’s the difference? I genuinely think it’s the removal of nuts and fruit and really just focussing on my meals, loading up my plate- and going 4-5-6 hours between meals which just seems to control my appetite so much better. I do believe I am quite ‘insulin resistant’ and constant snacking and IR never go well together. breakfast was veg sticks, a chicken thigh, a tablespoon of egg mayo and tahini and lemon dip. I was tempted to take the remainder of my veg sticks to work this morning
  11. R3 D1 went ok, to be honest it was just more of the same! I had salad lunch with mackerel and fried egg. Dinner was a raclette/hot plate type thing with seasoned pork belly, chicken with shallots and salads. I made more of the amazing mango salsa from Friday as it was so tasty!! R3D2 today: James and I went for a cold Valentine’s Day run together, a good 12.5km and I did that fasted, so had 2 small pieces of pork belly when I returned, just to keep me going until brunch/lunch. I realise this means I’m skipping a meal today however it’s impossible some days to fit them all in and stil
  12. Personally I’d avoid this; obviously It has dairy in it (I think both lactose and milk proteins have the inflammatory reaction), plus pea protein (which again, I think might be non-compliant? Would need a moderator to confirm that) but anyway it’s not allowed because of the dairy. But the biggest reason I’d avoid it is because it’s not cheese, it’s “cheese”; it’s fat and potato starch and nuts made into a cheese-like representation and it will just make you want real cheese, which obviously you can’t have. I think you have to ask “Would you eat this on day 31?” And if the answer is Of co
  13. You’d need to search for a vegan paleo mayo recipe? I’m sure I’ve seen them where the oil is emulsified with acid (eg vinegar) could you make a different dressing instead? Tahini and lemon sauce is my current love, it’s so zesty and tangy but creamy in texture.
  14. If it’s just day 2 I’d keep going. You could try compliant almond or hazelnut milk? It can take the edge off the bitterness, however I found after a week or so that I was ready to switch to black. I never used sweeteners though. I think it will massively depend on what coffee you’re using and how you brew it as well. I use good beans in an espresso pump and would never drink instant or french press coffee because I find them unpalatable. So I’d say persevere and as your palate changes over the next few days and weeks you won’t need the sweetener so much. I can actually smell sugar in t
  15. That sounds lovely @christine19 Tonight we had our raclette/ hot plate (it’s my son’s favourite dinner) and so I had some seasoned pork belly, lots of salad with tahini and lemon dip, and some mini jacket potatoes. I have felt really tired today and had a very lazy day. tomorrow it’s finally going to start warming up here and the forecast for the week ahead is looking to be quite a lot warmer (eg up to 11* from today’s -4*) so I’m happy to have had a restful day today as I want to run, run, run this week!!
  16. I’m beginning my 3rd round today, almost 2 weeks after my last one ended. R1 was July, and after that I reintroduced wine but nothing else; R2 began Jan 1st, reintroduced wine last weekend (3 glasses of red, felt hideous the next day) and drank yesterday (white, felt ok this morning) - other than that I haven’t introduced anything else. I’m not worried about my meals; I have eaten this way for so many months now that I genuinely don’t think about the food, it’s a very natural way for me to eat and I can meal plan quickly and effectively. this time I’m focussing on my behaviours an
  17. I have decided I’m going to drink tonight because I want to start my next w30 ASAP. Last week red wine made me feel yuck on Saturday so I deliberately chose a dry white, lower alcohol, and a soda water to make a spritzer. It’s end of term and my teacher friends are diving facefirst into Prosecco, gin and Dominoes pizza. Me? I bought 2 mangos to make a salsa and some strawberries and some almond butter (the AB will be on my ‘not worth it’ list from tomorrow, and if you’ve never tried it smeared on strawberries you haven’t lived). I chose not to buy nuts, but instead bought a small bag of posh,
  18. @becs oh god it was a disaster from start to finish! The first batch was set like rubber (that Agar-agar is powerful stuff) and the second batch - well it smelled delicious, nutty, vanilla-y - but tasted like thick water. Absolutely tasteless and definitely NOT worth it. After about 2 days of boiling and cooling and sterilising I threw it all in the bin! Now we know why there are no dairy free sugar free yoghurts available, huh? the ‘worth it’ debate is an interesting one. I think for me, ‘worth it’ has to be not just the food itself, but also the cumulative effect- or rather, the u
  19. Ooooh what is “family day”?? Never heard of that before! @christine19 I suppose you could pick it out and see how you are after eating it? Of all the veg, you’d think corn kernels were the least likely to ‘leak’ into the soup - they aren’t exactly a mushy veg are they?
  20. @Lorna from Canada that’s a tricky one for a lot of people I’m sure; I think we’ve self elected to avoid foods it makes it even harder as we don’t want to appear fussy, ungrateful and awkward. I need to work on my Food freedom rules. I must admit, I’m finding that element really hard this time. I can’t seem to break this habit of wandering into the kitchen and eating when I’m not hungry. Bored eating. Stress eating. My food is 100% compliant and so I feel grateful for that, but I know I am eating more than I need to and for the wrong reasons and I think that has really affected my ‘t
  21. @christine19 I made it up myself, but I used around 120g ground almonds, probably around 50g of the spread, melted. Lots of cinnamon, few handfuls of raisins, some baking powder and 2 eggs. Oh and some desiccated coconut. It was a thick cake-mix consistency. A tiny sprinkle of salt can, oddly, give it a sweet flavour. Grease a tin and bake (you’ll have to judge that yourself, I put mine in next to my meatloaf so it was around 180c for around 25 mins). It was nice and I ate it still hot with some coconut cream. I know it’s a SWYPO really, however if you decide you’re not (ever) eating grains
  22. Really nice dinner again tonight, we had meatloaf (very American my kids said!) from a nom nom paleo recipe, with mashed potato and veg. Real comfort food! And I made myself a cake (of sorts) with ground almond, coconut, raisins and cinnamon and natural vanilla. Add an egg and some dairy free spread. It was actually really nice, crumbly texture and despite having no sugar was sweet enough. I had it with a spoonful of coconut cream. I have frozen the rest in slices to have at another time though. I’m still struggling a bit with my very low mood but I feel a bit brighter today. I am ac
  23. @AMK922 funny you say that, my favourite one is “you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always got” - which is kind of similar. It’s really prompting me to make (and continue to make) the big changes.
  24. I was also a lifelong counter/tracker and I felt just like you. I still struggle with it after 7 months to be honest. I didn’t start this lifestyle until I was at my target weight and I was so scared that I would just eat my way back to where I had started. I actually lost 11lbs in my first 30! all I will say is to trust the plan and trust your body. Your body wants to eat this way. Food freedoM for me means exactly that: for 7 months I’ve eaten exactly what i need, as much as I want, no tracking, no weighing, no counting - and not gained an ounce. Freedom from that cycle of gorging
  25. Hi @Lorna from Canada, thanks. Re: portion sizes, if anything, I think I have gone the other way and they are bigger than they need to be. However, maybe the balance isn’t quite right. I’m still struggling a bit with emotional eating, and that seems more prominent this time round. today I’m going to really focus on the template. 3 meals, lots of veg, proper protein and fat. I have also noticed a small patch of rosacea flare up on my cheek, which is either a response to wine on Friday night or the increase in nuts or the NKD bar possibly, so that’s another good motivator to cut those rig