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  1. hummybird

    Sep. 1 - Who's with me?!

    I'm in Charlotte, NC. Yes, there is a Whole Foods, a Fresh Market, and a farmers' market within a couple miles of my house, so plenty of fresh produce. I also grow tomatoes and various herbs, so that's a plus, too.
  2. hummybird

    Sep. 1 - Who's with me?!

    Hi BecFreeby and Decker, Day 8 has been perfectly fine. Since I'm retired, time for food preparation is not a problem. I've probably spent too much time perusing recipes and preparing food, but I'll find favorites and get the hang of what works best in the near future. I'm not a fan of cooking. Former art teacher and potter, but no shows in the foreseeable future due to Covid19, so no pressure. Actually, I'm thinking Whole 30 during the pandemic is probably easier in some ways since I don't have the opportunity to go out to eat with friends. BecFreeby, if you're actually able to exercise at all and can stay Whole30 compliant working 14 hour days, I'm impressed!
  3. hummybird

    Sep. 1 - Who's with me?!

    I'll join! I began 9.1, so this is my 7th day. I keep waiting for the - hangover/kill all things/I just want a nap - listed in the timeline, but have not had any of those problems. I'm a pescatarian who eats eggs. I've been off most dairy for months. I did add chicken back into my diet just for the Whole 30. Since I can't have beans and I don't eat soy (oxalates/kidney stones), I would have had to eat either eggs or fish twice a day. The only things I'm missing are the square of 72% cacao chocolate I ate each day and grains. I really miss grains. I signed up for RealPlans which makes life sooo easy. There are hundreds of recipes and I can exclude foods I don't eat like beef. There are several foods that have too many oxalates for people with kidney stones (spinach, almonds, etc.), so I just excluded those, too. The meal plan is set up for you and the recipes are all right there. It's great! You can switch out anything you want or double something to have twice. BecFreeby, you said you've always loved this community, so I'm assuming you've done this before. Do you include other helps along with the eating program like meditation?