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    Also remember that Whole30 isn't about counting macros. It doesn't matter how many grams of sugar is in a food. Carbs and fat are our friends. Even though fruit juice is allowed, it still isn't recommended that we consume it in high amounts. It is preferable to eat the fruit because it contains all of the fiber and other nutrients. 

    Just remember the spirit of the program: eating whole, natural foods that are designed to heal our bodies from the inside out. This isn't a weight loss program. Maybe under that lense it makes a bit more sense? 
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    Kynard reacted to SchrodingersCat in Sweetener clarification   
    I kind of see it like the zoodle vs say, sweet potato noodle thing. One is just the product cut/served a different way and the other involved some very significant processing which we can't do in out own home.
    Plus juice adds flavour with a bit of sweet, while stevia just adds a whack amount of sweet with a tiny amount.
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    Kynard reacted to laura_juggles in Sweetener clarification   
    A big part of the Whole30 is getting you to eat whole, unprocessed foods. Fruit juice used in these recipes is, at most, blended and strained. 
    The process to make stevia extract or the white powder we get in those little packets at Starbucks is, well, quite a process. And the resulting product is never just stevia. 
    In the majority of Whole30 recipes where fruit juice is used, the juice is both imparting flavor and cutting bitterness with the sugar. Stevia's only purpose is to make things sweet. It's kind of amazing finding out what things actually taste like when your tongue isn't so attuned to sweeteners. 
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    Kynard reacted to decker_bear in Preemptive measures for nausea   
    I remember this being something I struggled with during my first W30, though it was not as severe as yours. I found that salt, chicken broth and seltzer water helped. I also NEED CARBS and I don't do well without them. I have sweet potatoes almost every morning with breakfast - and if I don't have sweet potatoes, I have a higher carb fruit. Over time it got better. When the nausea would get really bad, sucking on a small salt rock (like what I would pull out of the grinder) could ease it. Making a batch of bone broth might be a good thing to have on hand as it is far less processed than commercial broth. And of course, salt your food.
    Also consider that you may be trying to break an addiction here. If your body, physically or psychologically, is addicted to something in these simple carbs, it's not going to go away effortlessly. It may be beneficial to start your W30 on a weekend or when you have a couple of days off work so that you can really rest and take care of yourself. 
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    Do you normally eat grains at every meal of every day? The reason I'm asking is because that's a pretty quick response to not eating something... Can you think back to a random day where you might not have been doing the whole30 but you also didn't eat grains and remember if you were nauseated?  Perhaps there's something else that's different when you undertake a Whole30 that is contributing? Do you drink black coffee on an empty stomach during Whole30 for instance that might be a factor? I'm definitely not saying this is not due to grains, just want to dig a little deeper. 
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    This is something I have not heard of before. When you have tried in the past, have you eaten starchy vegetables (potato, sweet potato, beets, carrots, parsnips, turnips, rutabaga, plantains, or winter squashes like butternut, acorn, or kabocha)? If not, that might help as it might be more about carbs than grains. 
    Or, have you tried gradually reducing your grain intake over time before doing whole30, kind of weaning yourself off of them instead of just stopping them? 
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    Oh, interesting! I'll talk to our IT team about this!
    @ShannonM816 - I've got this one!