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  1. I did it!!! I am whole30. Yesterday was day 30. I really feel so much better eating this way. There isnt much I want to reintroduce at this point. I did buy some creamer while on round that I realized once I got home has monkfruit in it, so I didnt use any. I will try it today. I am not going to try dairy for awhile, I feel like that is one of my issues and I dont look forward to the negative side effects. Maybe I will start with legumes, after monkfruit. Will weight and take my measurements later. I have been feeling very run down lately, but I think that is because I am working a
  2. R1D21 Day 21 how is it even possible that it is already day 21? I am loving how I am feeling!!! The bloating is gone. My stomach feels flat most of the time. My watch is looser, my clothes are looser too. Is looser a word? Lol looks weird. I am more positive, have a better outlook on life because I am in control of what I am eating and feeling great because I am feeding my body good healthy food. I started studying food and nutrition about 6 to 8 months ago and it is so interesting to learn how food affects our bodies. I wish that I could teach the world to eat for their health
  3. Shredded zucchini is a game changer!! Thank you for suggesting to doing that!!
  4. R1D17 I caught my reflection in our great big windows at work and stopped and admired myself. Turning this way and that and really loving what I saw. Just a great intimate moment with myself.
  5. R1D16!!! Day 16, more than half way to my 30!!! Made egg cups with shredded zucchini and YUMMY!!! So moist! Trying some new things. Had my hubby pick me up some random squashes at the corn maze he went to, just cut them up and roasted them. Tried green beans for the first time in years. Roasted those too. Still not big on them, but glad I tried them. I deal with anxiety, especially in new situations or going someplace new. Well the other day I had to go to the UPS store. I did it! I also stopped at our Aldi's store. It was remodeled about a year ago and I wasnt able to bring
  6. Oh grated zucchini sounds amazing, trying that next time for sure! Mine came out very dry today, but that's ok, I will just eat them with some homemade guacamole
  7. Yesterday I was dragging ass so bad. Hoping for more energy today. Got some silicone cupcake liners so I can make egg cups. Doing some cilantro lime chicken tonight. I was so irritable and cranking yesterday because I was tired. Today is a new day.
  8. R1Day12 Last night I made some salmon patties, they are SO good. I get a little irritated with all the food planning sometimes but then get happy when I eat such delicious good for me food!! I am roasting veggies a lot, so tasty! I joined a food delivery service for imperfect foods that cannot be sold to markets or restaurants. Foods that would be wasted. It seems like a great service and I get to help the environment in the process. My clothes are getting to big, will have to get some smaller ones soon. I havent been logging my food everyday, it started to feel like a diet t
  9. Thank you so much for the reminder to not overthink things. I tend to overthink a lot!!! I needed this reminder
  10. Omg the dishes!!! It seems like I am always doing dishes, but that means I am cooking, so it's good thing really!! I am thankful for the dishes. Really trying to focus on the reasons I eat. Really wanted to step on the scale, but resisted. I don't need to think about the weight really. I need to think about the nsv and that's it. Don't really need to lose weight, it is so much more about my health, so why am I called by that darn scale? Luckily, the only scale we have is the Wii fit board and a scale at work. The Wii isn't even hooked up. The scale at work is pretty accessible since I am
  11. R1D10 Feeling a little run down today. Got my mud water shipment 2 days ago. I love the taste and totally believe it will help me to kick the coffee habit. Wanna try zucchini boat tacos. I had a lot of energy yesterday, woke up feeling sluggish today. I am loving this though. Overall I feel great. My mind is clearer too! Just today, I can do hard things, just today
  12. Today is R1D8. I got through the first week!!! NSV...I bought some new shoes in my regular size about a month ago, but they were snug. I kept wearing my old ones but tried them on again today, much better!! Did my feet lose weight? Lol Feeling less inflammation. Bloating is still there some. Loose plans for food this week, gonna prep a few things but I have a lot of things still from last week. Frozen cauliflower rice is a life saver with the hours I work. I used to abuse my body so much. I didnt care what I ate, I was an alcoholic and smoked. I am becoming a health nut and I love i
  13. I take mega foods blood builder iron. I have to take just about double the amount of most supplements because I dont absorb normally. I take two different magnesium supplements. Now foods magnesium citrate and Purely Holistic magnesium glycinate. I guess I would say that technically I am not constipated, I do go once per day, but I know it could be better/easier. I am researching psyllium husk and acacia powder. I will also look into the products you suggested. I like that the floradix has a liquid supplement. I absorb liquid a lot better. Thank you so much!
  14. Thank you SO much!! This is such a supportive site, you people get me!!! No one around me eats the way I do. My husband is extremely supportive, but he doesn't truly understand why I nearly danced a jig of glee when I found sugar free bacon!! Lol Thank you for the support, I am grateful!
  15. I take magnesium supplements everyday. I think I have the issue probably because of the amount of iron I have to take due to the gastric bypass. I will just keep drinking lots of water and eating all my veggies. It is helping. Is there a certain magnesium that you swear by?
  16. R1D7 Today mark's the end of week one!! Already!!! I need to work on a plan for next week. I am loving looking at recipes. I need to get more fiber in to help my digestion. Ever since my gastric bypass I have had trouble being regular. I had been taking a fiber supplement powder prior to whole30, but it is wheat dextrin, so I need something else. I did find a tea that is all natural and compliant that seems to be helping and the healthy fruits and veggies are helping too. Being that I work 80 to 100 hours a week I dont know if I will notice tiger blood. I work a lot and on my days o
  17. I used to eat pizza every single day bit gave that up when I quit sugar and flour a year and a half ago. I switched to making almond flour tortilla pizzas when the craving would hit, but havent had one of those in 7 days Eating healthy fuels me, pizza weighed me down!
  18. Thank you so much! Yesterday I ended up stopping at the store to just to grab some peppers, I have NEVER EVER done that. I still dont like the green, only red, yellow and orange. I find their flavor to be milder and a little sweet, and only roasted will do
  19. Yesterday was a KATT day for sure. I didnt want to deal with anyone at work except for my husband. He kept me grounded and positive. It helps to work with someone who understands my moods. I used to HATE bell peppers. Wouldn't eat them for anything. Wouldnt eat dishes that they were in, but now I have discovered that I love them roasted!! A little charred...yes please. I got anxious feeling yesterday because I didn't know exactly what I was going to eat. I had plenty of compliant foods, but didnt have a plan for what to actually eat. I made it through just fine. For dinner I made a
  20. Yesterday was R1D4. Didnt get a chance to journal. All is going pretty good, but I am overeating at dinner. Always have. Need to work on this so that I dont go to bed stuffed. Feeling good overall. I think it really helps that I was already eating pretty healthy, not feeling the hangover that is talked about. I suspect dairy was the cause of my bloating as that has gone down now. I do get bloated when I overeat. Having had gastric bypass messes with my digestion and bowel movement, so this remains a challenge. Discovered that the fiber I was taking has wheat dextrin, so that could
  21. It is absolutely amazing!!! I didnt think I would see such changes in my attitude in 4 days, but I definitely have! I run a Pizza shop with my husband and I am usually major stressed and on edge there, and the past 3 days I have been much more chill
  22. R1D3 Feeling so good! My bloating is so much better but I feel like my digestion is still wacky, but it is only day 3 so I get it. After I gave up sugar I ate a lot of corn tortilla chicken tacos with cheese. I love tacos, so easy and filling. I am suspicious of the corn and cheese being a sensitivity for me though. Tonight I am having tacos in lettuce cups, no cheese, instead I am using guacamole and salsa YUMMY!! I also roasted a huge tray of veggies and they are very tasty. Also made coconut lime rice from Real Plans. I am loving all this whole30 food. I'd like to share a li
  23. Thank you for the welcome! It is so crazy the things they sneak it in. I have now become a sugar detective! That sucks that you cannot find any soup broth. Homemade is better, but such a process for sure!! I wish you all the best
  24. R1D2 Feeling good about yesterday. Need to plan more meals but I have a plan for today. I enjoyed looking for the non scale victories. Felt a little anxious after dinner when I would usually snack on something starchy ie usually popcorn. But I made it through. Slept ok. Fully stocked up on food. Thursday I will meal prep like a beast. Looking forward to what today brings.
  25. Today I begin my first whole30. Going to use this as my journal. I am very excited and nervous as well. Over a year ago I gave up flour and sugar. I have been eating that way successfully but have been still feeling run down, bloated and just not right. I have been starting to read labels even more and discovering hidden sugars in things I didn't think would have sugar ie. Chicken broth. Why put sugar in chicken broth?? Or the sushi I was eating every other day, found out they put sugar in the rice! Blows my mind!! So today, I begin this journey for myself, to show mysel