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  1. I am afraid to jinx myself by claiming them as victories just yet:)
  2. Today is day six. Just starting to keep a record. I will try to track my food, feelings, observations here going forward. The last five days I have had to tell my inner toddler “no” to nicotine lozenges all day every day. It’s like my brain forgets over and over and over that they are in the past. I particularly crave them in the afternoon. I am very hopeful that cutting out all that aspartame and sugar alcohol will improve my digestive woes. I don’t think there is any other source of artificial sweeteners in my normal diet. I also haven’t had a drink in five days. Tha
  3. Hello, I started 9/9, so I am five days in. I am 53. I had a pretty bad nicotine lozenges habit. I was never a smoker. They help with mental clarity and alertness, but became an expensive crutch for me, and I felt I could never cope with stress or make mental effort without one. Also, I was drinking too much (2 or 3 beers or equivalent a day). So I woke up five days ago, and decided I was done with lozenges. I also resolved to quit alcohol for at least a month. Then, in the same flow of thought, I decided, “I should also start Whole 30 today.” So I did. I read the book