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  1. Hi Whole30 babes! My name is Dara. I am thrilled to start my Whole60 tomorrow, 9/15. I actually meant to start today but drank a kopi jahe this morning, which I realized partway into it has sugar in it! It's an indonesian ginger spiced coffee, from a local coffee shop. This is my third attempt to do a Whole60. I got 20 days in in August, then chose to eat off plan foods. Then I started over and got 10 days in, before the worst fires in Oregon's history (where I live) hit and things were so crazy I chose to comfort myself with food. I realized with my first two false starts that I need to ask for more support from friends. I need to have someone I can call when my sugar dragon comes out, when I'm hungry and unprepared, and really want to go off plan, etc. I also need to not let myself get too hungry! My biggest impetus for this has been severe digestive pain and issues, trouble sleeping, trouble focusing, and compulsive eating. My WHYs: (1) Freedom from cravings; (2) a thriving, healthy gut and digestive system; (3) to feel good in my body every day; (4) to love my body; (5) more enjoyment of food and cooking, to slow down and treat this as sacred; (6) healthier ways to cope with my feelings and energy level shifts; (7) better sleep, more energy, and deeper focus. I plan on using this forum as a support network throughout my journey. And no shame - I will probably really enjoy some mac and cheese and baked goods today before I hop full on in tomorrow. I know this will make detox harder. I CAN DO THIS!!! Thanks for reading.