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    farmermama got a reaction from Jennifer Jensen in First time Whole30 starting 9/15   
    Hi! I just started yesterday. This is my 3rd, although I have a few Whole-not-quite-30s under my belt, too. I don’t know if they have updated the testimonials in newer editions of It Starts With Food, but in the original edition, they used my testimony at the head of chapter 7. The Whole30 literally changed my life. I have been through some trials in recent years and had fallen into bad eating and fitness habits again, but I am woke, and am back to reclaim that amazing health I found with my first Whole30! I look forward to journeying with you, and watching your health soar as mine did and will again! 
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    farmermama reacted to ladyshanny in First time Whole30 starting 9/15   
    Oh, that's fun! Should still be there, we haven't changed the content of that book!
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    farmermama reacted to pearlgirl2017 in SeptemberWhole30 starting 9/14/20   
    Hello all!  I am gearing up for this year's September Whole30 which starts on Monday, Sept. 14.  I have most of the week's meals planned and will do my shopping and prepping over the weekend.  I am committed to this next 30 days.  Everything hurts, and I have needed to start taking anti-depressant meds again.  I have minimal energy and my creative side seems to have left me.  
    Welcome to all who are also starting on the 14th.
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    farmermama reacted to FairyRN in First time Whole30 starting 9/15   
    Hello! New to this forum! I am starting my first Whole30 next Monday and pray it helps resolve some of the health issues I have been experiencing! I just finished ”It Starts with Food” and boy am I angry at big food companies for scientifically modifying food to make it addictive = more consumption = more profit AND also more metabolically unhealthy individuals  Hoping to finally slay Sharon my sugar dragon for good! Thank you for having this space for us! 
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    farmermama got a reaction from pearlgirl2017 in September Whole30--started 9/14 So excited to be back!   
    Hi, all! I'm so glad to be back at a Whole 30! This is my third, and the beginning of a big shift in my life as a whole! I have signed up for classes to become an elite personal trainer and life coach, and hope to become a Whole30 coach as well! 

    My first Whole30 was back before It Starts with Food, and it was so transformative for me that Dallas and Melissa included my testimony in chapter 7 of that book! Since then I have had so very many life changes, including adoption, divorce, and all that entails. For several years I have wallowed in the stuck-ness of  what is hard in my life, and my health has seriously declined. A recent event has wakened me, and I am finally able to realize that I do not have control over what other people do, but I do have control over how my physical body handles it. Specifically, my stress level is a constant that I cannot lower, but I can greatly increase my body's ability to handle that stress. That's where I am today: handling stress by engaging full-on in this Whole30 and shifting my thought-life and actively applying gratitude, praise, and surrender to my Creator while setting appropriate boundaries with folks who add to the chaos and crazy that has been my life for too long. 

    This September Whole30 is much more than a gut-reset for me. It is a Total Reset in every area of my life. And I am SO looking forward to the process--all of it--along the way! I'm here not just for the results at the end of this, but also for the release of toxicity in my life (and my gut) on the journey! Ya gotta climb the mountain to get that amazing view of the valley! I am here to enjoy the hike to the top as much as the view once I'm there!  

    All the best to all of you along the way!