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  1. Day 5 - I feel much better today. My head is clearer & I woke up feeling more alert in a long time. Supper was left overs. Didn't take my meat out and it was frozen so leftovers it was. I found I could only eat 1/2 of what I put on my luncheon plate. When I get hungry my stomach feels hollow. I keep forgetting to drink lots of water. Tonight I am going to make the brisket. I've never cooked one before but I can add vegetables & potatoes to it. Next time I will use the Instant Pot and compare it to the oven cooked one. Spices - red pepper flakes, curry, hot sauce, jala
  2. I've almost made it through Day 4. Yesterday was rough. Major headache and really tired. Today my head is clearer. I am amazed I do not have any cravings. Are you the same? I'm having a hard time in the afternoons. My stomach is saying, "Feed Me". I have noticed alot of the meals are spicy. I can't do spice. Does anyone have any ideas on substitutions to replace those ingredients ? I can just eliminate them but worried they will be too bland.
  3. Day 2 is done. I have another gold star on my calendar. I was too tired to cook last night so I had leftovers. I did my chicken in the Instant Pot but overcooked. Very, Very Dry!!! I am going to use it in a twice baked potato. Day 3 is here. Still headachy & not much energy but I have NO cravings for anything. When I start to get hungry my stomach feels hollow. I am sure that will change once I get used to Whole #30. I can't do spicy foods. Do you know of any substitutions for curry, hot sauce, etc. If I just exclude them, I'm worried my food will be too bland.
  4. Hi Everyone, Do you mind if I join the group? It would be nice to see how everyone is doing? I am 61 & in the last year, I have gained alot of weight. I have a serious autoimmune disease that has attacked my lungs. I have permanent scarring so energy is a tough one. I don't like to go out anymore because nothing fits and I feel embarrassed to be seen like this. I breezed through yesterday ( I am following the meal plan) in Whole 30. I made tomato sauce, meat and spaghetti squash. It turned out really well. My husband loved it & I have enough left over for a couple of meal